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Sony Rumored to Investigate Major PS5 Pro Specs Leak



Sony Rumored to Investigate Major PS5 Pro Specs Leak

Sony has launched an internal investigation after a leak revealed significant details about the highly anticipated PS5 Pro model. Last week, this leak exposed the specs and features of what many believe to be Sony’s next big step in console gaming.

Reports claim the PS5 Pro will feature a larger GPU and faster system memory, delivering a 45% boost in rasterized rendering performance compared to the current PS5. The upcoming model also aims to impress with its advanced ray tracing architecture, potentially offering a speed increase of 2-3 times, and in some cases, up to four times faster than its predecessor.

Insider Tom Henderson has verified the leaked specs’ authenticity, noting Sony shared them with third-party developers. This leak has sparked concerns over Sony’s information security, leading to speculation that Sony might restrict its collaboration with third-party developers. Henderson believes Sony could limit future updates to a select group of developers to avoid more leaks.

Rumors also suggest the PS5 Pro will include a custom machine learning architecture with the capability for 300 trillion operations per second at 8-bit. This architecture is to support Sony’s PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) upscaling technique, aiming to significantly improve image quality for resolutions up to 4K and eventually 8K.

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Sony has not officially confirmed the PS5 Pro’s existence or commented on the leaked specs. However, the company’s move to investigate suggests the leaked information might be accurate. Gamers are now on the edge of their seats, waiting for more details on the PS5 Pro, including its potential release date around the holiday season of 2024.