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Helldivers 2 Tops European Sales in February



Helldivers 2 Tops European Sales in February

Helldivers 2 has taken the gaming world by storm, becoming the top-selling game in Europe for February 2024. This achievement comes as a surprise, especially considering the game’s impressive launch. According to GSD data, which tracks both physical and digital game sales across major European markets, Helldivers 2’s success is notable. The game’s PC version accounted for 56% of its sales, showing a strong preference among gamers.

The game’s sales have seen an unusual trend, with numbers increasing in the weeks following its release. In its second week, sales surged by 70%, followed by an additional 3% increase the week after. This growth is a rare occurrence in the retail space and highlights the game’s growing popularity.

Helldivers 2’s success has overshadowed other major releases, positioning it as Europe’s best-selling game. Other games like Skull and Bones and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League also made it to the top-selling list but couldn’t match Helldivers 2’s performance.

The game’s success is not just limited to sales. It has also dominated the Steam player charts, further proving its popularity among PC gamers. This achievement is a testament to the game’s quality and the developers’ efforts in creating an engaging experience for players.

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As Helldivers 2 continues to captivate players across Europe, it sets a high standard for future game releases. Its success story will be remembered for years to come, marking a significant milestone in the gaming industry.

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