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The Random Pokémon Plushies Series: The Dratini Neck Pillow



I have finally decided that this is going to be a little miniseries as I keep stumbling across these amazing yet adorably odd Pokémon plushies. Admittedly, this one isn’t as weird as some of the others that I have mentioned here (or creepy like that Pikachu caterpillar thing). In fact, the Dratini Neck Pillow is not only pretty adorable, it’s also a useful product that looks super comfortable. Why not add some actually useful functionality to these plushie things? I guess that Metapod was a sleeping bag and Gengar was a bed of sorts but this one is far less odd at least.

Image Courtesy of Asakura Japan

The Dratini Neck Pillow is a plush that was sold at Pokémon Centres in Japan back in October of 2019 as part of the Taiki-Bansei Campaign. The pillow was incredibly limited because it was only released at during this time and there were only a certain amount of them in stock. Unfortunately, that means that the plush is out of stock in most places, but I will include some links to where they are sold at the end of this blog if you want to keep an eye out for them. This is so super cute. Just look at Dratini’s adorable sleepy face! You can position him gently around your neck for some comforting cuteness if you so feel the need and I highly approve of that. I think this Pokémon plush is probably the most wholesome of the ones I have discussed here on the blog. Dratini is a sweet, sleepy boy who deserves the world but all he wants to do is protect you and that tense neck of yours. Dratini is just too good for this world.

As I said, Dratini is mostly out of stock but check out the links here if you want to see if the Dratini Neck Pillow makes a comeback at some point.

Amazon: Link 1. Link 2. Link 3. Poke Vault. AliExpress. eBay. Asakura Japan.

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