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OSRS How to Obtain Steel Bars




In Old School RuneScape, Steel Bars are vital for adventurers looking to enhance their gameplay. Whether forging robust equipment or constructing essential items, Steel Bars play an important role. There are various methods of obtaining Steel Bars, and a comprehensive understanding of the ways can help you decide the best method for you.

General Info

Crafted from Iron Ore and Coal, Steel Bars are a cornerstone in the OSRS economy. These bars are a symbol of mid-level metallurgy and a gateway to a myriad of in-game activities. Their versatility spans several skills, making them a sought-after item for players of various levels. To smelt a Steel Bar, you need one Iron Ore and two pieces of Coal, which requires level 30 Smithing.


In the world of Smithing, Steel Bars are the raw material for a range of steel weaponry and armor. They strike a perfect balance between strength and accessibility, making them ideal for mid-level players aiming to upgrade their arsenal.


For those specializing in ranged combat, Steel Bars are crucial. They can be melted down to create Cannonballs, an indispensable ammo type for the Dwarf Multicannon, combining high damage output with the convenience of ranged combat. Smithing cannonballs is also a great way to make OSRS gold after selling them on the GE.


In the realm of Construction, Steel Bars find their use in crafting various metal fixtures, fittings, and decorative items. These bars are essential for players looking to beautify or fortify their in-game homes.

Mahogany Homes

Mahogany Homes, the construction mini-game, often requires Steel Bars for various contracts. Players are tasked with building and restoring furniture, where these bars become necessary for certain designs.

Making Steel Bars Using the Furnace

The furnace method is the most traditional way of creating Steel Bars. You’ll need to gather Iron Ore and Coal, buy them via the GE, and then smelt them in a furnace. Popular furnace locations include Falador and Al Kharid, known for their proximity to banks, reducing the time spent in transit. While this method is straightforward, it requires a significant time investment, especially if the furnace is located far from a bank, but even if it isn’t, such as the Edgeville furnace.

Using the Blast Furnace to Make Steel Bars

The Blast Furnace offers a more efficient alternative. This members-only minigame, located in Keldagrim, is not just a communal activity but also reduces the coal requirement by half. This feature significantly reduces the cost and time of producing Steel Bars. However, it requires a minimum of 60 Smithing and is most efficient as a team, making it more social and engaging than the solitary furnace method. Alternatively, you can pay the dwarves in a Blast furnace world.

Using the Superheat Spell

The Superheat Item spell, accessible at level 43 Magic, provides a convenient way to smelt Steel Bars. This method allows you to smelt bars anywhere without needing a furnace. However, it consumes one Nature Rune per cast and the standard Iron Ore and Coal. This method is particularly favored by players looking to train both Magic and Smithing simultaneously.

Sulphur Lizard

Hunting Sulphur Lizards, a Slayer monster found in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon is another way to obtain Steel Bars. These creatures, which require 44 Slayer to kill, occasionally drop Steel Bars, making them a good option if you’re looking to combine combat training with resource gathering, even if your combat level is low.

Steel Dragons

Steel Dragons, formidable foes in places like Brimhaven Dungeon or the Catacombs of Kourend, are known for dropping Steel Bars. While challenging to defeat, they offer a higher drop rate for Steel Bars, making them a lucrative target for well-equipped and high-level players. With the elite Karamja diaries, the dragons in the Brimhaven dungeon will drop their bars in noted form.


Similarly, Gargoyles, which require 75 Slayer to harm, are another source of Steel Bars. Located in the Slayer Tower, these monsters provide a decent chance of dropping Steel Bars and other valuable items. This makes them a popular choice if you’re looking to combine Slayer training with resource acquisition.


The Zolcano boss, part of the Prifddinas content, is an unconventional but rewarding way to obtain Steel Bars. While the primary focus is mining and smithing, players can occasionally receive Steel Bars as part of the loot, making it a viable option for those engaged in group PvM (Player vs Monster) activities.

Brimstone Chest

The Brimstone Chest, located on the top of Mount Karuulm, near Konar, is accessible if you receive brimstone keys from tasks assigned by Konar quo Maten. This chest can contain Steel Bars in large quantities among its rewards, offering a chance-based method to obtain these resources.

Larran’s Chest

Lastly, Larran’s Chest, another loot chest obtained through Wilderness Slayer tasks, can also contain Steel Bars. While venturing into the Wilderness carries its risks, the potential rewards from Larran’s Chest, including Steel Bars, can make it a worthwhile endeavor for daring players.

The Choice is Yours

Obtaining Steel Bars in OSRS can be approached through various methods, each catering to different playstyles and skill levels, just as different OSRS items for sale can appeal to different players. Whether you prefer the solitary method of furnace smelting, the community-driven Blast Furnace, magical means, or the thrill of combat, there’s a method that aligns with your gameplay preferences.

Hope this guide helps. Keep gaming 😉

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