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Learn to Perform Perfect & Advanced Moves in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Make sure you hit the goal and not the poles.



How to use all of Mario Strikers: Battle League’s Perfect Moves & Advanced Moves

The kick-off is finally here. 15 years have passed since the last time the red plumber and his friends went head to head on a soccer field, and Mario Strikers: Battle League is now here to bring the series back to its former glory. Mixing old and new mechanics together for a more competitive experience, there are many techniques to grasp in the latest Mario Strikers game for Nintendo Switch. Perfect and Advanced moves can be difficult to pull off, but with this guide to Mario Strikers: Battle League we will help you put those cleats to proper use!

The Perfect Moves

Mario Strikers: Battle League Learn how to do advanced moves and perfect moves
Image: Nintendo

Perfect Shots

Performing perfect shots is far easier than meets the eye–the player just needs to recognize the indicator! What players need to pay attention to when performing a standard shot is the circle that lies underneath their character. This circle that fills up with the color red as the player performs a shot is actually Mario Strikers: Battle League’s charge meter. Just as the charge meter is completely filled, if the player releases the A button they will perform a perfect shot. Players will immediately know if their shot was successful based on how the ball flies. If electricity sparks from the soccer ball, the player has performed a perfect move correctly.

Perfect Tackles

Now that you know how the charge meter works with shots and identify successful moves, learning how to perfect your other perfect strategies will be far easier. Like perfect shots, perfect tackles require releasing the Y button at the right moment based on the game’s charge meter. When the double arrow in front of the player’s character completely fills red (just like the shot circle), a perfect tackle can be performed. Players will know if they managed to perform a perfect tackle as their character will fly forward with an effect. Unsuccessful perfect tackles will of course have players doing a less extravagant launch.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Learn how to do advanced moves and perfect moves
Image: Nintendo

Perfect Dodge

If the player can perform a perfect tackle they will no doubt be able to do a perfect doge. When an opponent is preparing to tackle you, evade their attack with the right shoulder button just as they launch their character. Perfect dodges are easiest to perform when the enemy meter fills up. Performing a perfect dodge will give the player a temporary speed boost and cause the opponent to faceplant temporarily.

Perfect Combo Pass

Perfect combo passes all rely on timing; there are no indicators to help you succeed in performing this move successfully unlike Mario Strikers: Battle League’s previous perfect moves. When performing a basic pass, or a lob pass, if a teammate manages to pass back at the right time they will see sparks follow the ball’s path. To successfully perform a perfect combo pass, be sure to hit the ball a second before it reaches the player character.

Perfect Combo Shot

Perfect combo shots are where Mario Strikers: Battle League’s moves can begin to get more manipulative as there are ways the player can use the base technique to their advantage. Players can perform perfect combo shots with or without a perfect pass in Mario Strikers: Battle League. As a pass is approaching the player, charge a shot instead of performing another pass. By using the analog stick, the player can still manipulate the direction of their combo shot. Naturally, having this function can allow the player to easily score a goal by firing at the right angle. If the player manages to hit a Boom Boom goalie on a perfect combo shot, they can temporarily knock them down. Being near a goal when performing a perfect combo shot can also lead to the ball being blown past the goalie.

The Advanced Moves

Mario Strikers: Battle League Learn how to do advanced moves and perfect moves
Image: Nintendo

Free Pass

Standard passes have one main flaw in the Mario Strikers series: they can be easily intercepted by both tackles and shots. To pass a ball without directly targeting a teammate, simply hold the L button and perform the standard or lob pass. This allows players to send the ball into any area of the field that they choose. Using this strategy, players can easily target open areas of the field and send opponents on a wild chase if they are deceptive enough.

Charged Free Pass

Unlike the Mario Strikers: Battle League’s other charged moves, a charged free pass can be held and utilized as long as the player still has the ball. In a tight situation and need to launch the ball to an open area of the field or towards another teammate? By using the left analog stick while performing a free pass, just hold down your chosen form of a pass to send the ball flying!

Charged-Shot Cancel

Charged-shots should always be used cautiously in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Players who are not cautious can easily be tackled down while taking a shot. Whether the player is a bit trigger-happy or needs to make a different maneuver, you can actually cancel out of a charge shot in Battle League. By using the R button while holding a charged-shot, the player will do a short frontward roll. Alternatively, by using ZR the player will lightly kick the ball a few feet forward. While they may seem like weak techniques, charged-shot cancels can easily help keep players keep the ball in their play.

Image: Nintendo

Team Tackle

The final advanced move, and arguably the hardest to perform due to the quick pacing of Mario Strikers: Battle League, is a team tackle. If a player is ever behind a teammate and wants to give them a boost, they can tackle right into them to send them slamming forward. A team tackle can send a player practically halfway across the field if a player makes contact with their teammate with a perfect tackle. Like the standard tackle, using this move can knock down enemy players.

The team tackle is a perfect analogy for how all players should approach Mario Strikers: Battle League. Learn and use your perfect and advanced moves to become the field’s greatest player. Stay aggressive and pay attention to all your surroundings!

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