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22 GameCube Titles that Deserve the Metroid Prime Remastered Treatment

Nintendo proves with Metroid Prime Remastered that the GameCube library is worth revisiting. Here are 22 more games that deserve some HD love.



GameCube Nintendo 20 years later anniversary

Metroid Prime Had a Surprise Remaster; Why Not These?

Never has it been more evident that Nintendo actually cares about the legacy of the GameCube than during their recent Nintendo Direct. Tales of Symphonia Remastered, Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster, and of course Metroid Prime Remastered have blown the lid of off speculation for what GameCube games might be remastered next. From obscure role-playing games to stone cold classics to multiplatform titles that deserve another day in the spotlight, here (in no particular order) are 22 more GameCube games that could use a remastered boost on the Nintendo Switch. Bear in mind: some of these entries are meant to be tongue-in-cheek!

Image: Capcom

Viewtiful Joe

Venerable developer Capcom has been pushing hard for remakes and remasters over the last few years. Its stable of games has always been one of the industry’s strongest and most interesting; for every Resident Evil or Devil May Cry, there’s something like Viewtiful Joe and its sequel. This beautiful sidescrolling beat-em-up very much deserves a place on the planet’s most popular platform. Viewtiful Joe is irreverent, funny, and challenging. It is extremely replayable, and to this day, nothing (other than its equally good sequel) looks quite like it. A ground-up remake could fix the game’s few flaws, like the antiquated lives system, extremely unforgiving boss battles, and broken sound mixing, but a shiny and clean remaster would be just as welcome. Bundle it with its sequel, bring back Devil May Cry‘s Dante as a playable character, and you’ve got a stew going. Henshin a go-go, baby!

Image: Nintendo

Super Mario Strikers

Nintendo and sports games go together like peanut butter and chocolate–but lately, the relationship has been more like peanut butter and sand. As beautiful as Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Golf: Super Rush are, their lack of depth is evident. And though Mario Strikers: Battle League is enjoyable, there is no way it compares to Super Mario Strikers. The original deserves a remaster, if only for newer fans to see what they’re missing. This chaotic soccer game is as much of a party on the GameCube as Super Smash Bros. Melee, and putting it next to Nintendo’s latest sports offerings provides a helpful contrast.

Image: SEGA

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Is Sonic Adventure 2: Battle a “good” game? On paper, not really: its story and script are nonsense, its jank is noticeable, and the Chao garden is about as bare-bones as you can imagine. But despite it all, there is something addictive about the entire experience. Swapping between six different characters and multiple modes of play is undeniably fun. Even if the Chao garden amounts to little more than static babysitting, the vibes are impeccable and there is something soothing about watching a tiny little monster learn to fly. A remaster would bring this adventure to a whole new generation of people who have never even heard of it; in an age where Sonic games are up, down, and everywhere in between, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle brings all that chaos to the table and owns it proudly. Don’t we all deserve an HD reimagining of Sonic ripping through city streets on an improvised snowboard?

Image: Nintendo

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

It remains astounding that Eternal Darkness, one of the most unsettling horror games of its generation, has never been brought to the modern age of consoles. For a game that is 21 years old, it holds up visually, but more importantly, it’s still pretty fucking scary. The story unfolds over centuries, with each chapter adding additional layers to the cosmic mystery at its core. The mind games that Eternal Darkness plays with those who engage with it range from funny to disturbing; even if the idea of meta-commentary is commonplace these days, the confusion of watching the player character’s head explode for no reason still hits hard. An HD remaster could allow for even more tricks, and give developers a chance to stretch their creative muscles to think of new ways to terrify newcomers.

Image: Nintendo

Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a masterpiece that pushes the Nintendo Switch to its limits. Even for those who have never played Luigi’s Mansion or Dark Moon, it is easy to come into the third entry and to have a fantastic time. But there’s something about the original Luigi’s Mansion that deserves another look. A remaster would revive an important part of Nintendo’s history, bringing a GameCube launch title to modern players. Luigi’s Mansion was a cornerstone of the console that showcased practically everything that the GameCube was great at. Imagine Luigi’s Mansion remastered or remade in the Luigi’s Mansion 3 engine; this is a can’t-miss formula for an experience both nostalgic and next-gen. Release it around Halloween time and fans will thank Nintendo for the treat.

Image: Free Radical Design

TimeSplitters 2

People are rightfully excited for the rerelease of the N64’s Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo Switch Online service and Xbox Gamepass. In terms of four-player multiplayer, Goldeneye was basically unrivaled for its era. TimeSplitters 2 is about as close as the GameCube ever got to the excitement that Goldeneye inspired. Sure, the game was also available on the PlayStation 2, but TimeSplitters 2 is one of the few first-person shooters on GameCube that stands the test of time. Its multiplayer remains hectic and fun, with a decent variety of weapons and maps. Add in the potential for online multiplayer, even on the Switch’s infrastructure, and a remaster would be warmly received.

Image: Nintendo


The GameCube was home to a number of new first-party IPs. One of the most enduring and interesting experiments Nintendo developed was Pikmin, which starred the intrepid Captain Olimar on a quest to salvage as many giant versions of household objects that he possibly could, with the help of tiny plant people. Pikmin proved to be a winning formula, which has only been refined in its sequels. Pikmin 4 looks to be the best entry yet, but why not let players experience the original with current-gen graphics? Though still a demanding game with an unforgiving timer, Pikmin would feel amazing in handheld mode. While they’re at it, Nintendo could bundle in Pikmin 2 as well; though the likelihood of any such bundle has more or less been shattered with the existence of Metroid Prime Remastered, one can still dream of a world where first-party Nintendo games are not only remastered, but bundled appropriately.

Image: Nintendo

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

These days, it is almost impossible not to trip over a Fire Emblem title while glancing through Nintendo’s most revered games. But before Fire Emblem for the Game Boy Advance brought the series to the west, Intelligent System’s revered strategy RPGs were just another set of games that remained overseas. Path of Radiance was the series’ debut on a home console in the west, and deserves the chance to shine again. The success of Three Houses and Engage prove that there is an insatiable appetite for more Fire Emblem games, so why not remaster one of the GameCube’s shining stars? And hey, more Ike is never a bad thing.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Nintendo GameCube
Image: Nintendo

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Donkey Kong’s most unique adventure by far remains Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, a 2D platformer where the player controls the great ape using an absurd pair of bongos. The GameCube had its share of silly peripherals, but the Donkey Konga Bongos rank as one of the most ridiculous, fun controllers ever made. The game controls surprisingly well, with players alternately slapping the bongos and clapping when required, causing DK to jump, swing, and smack enemies with aplomb. Admittedly, it is difficult to imagine Nintendo remastering this game for the Switch; playing DK Jungle Beat without the bongos is like playing Samba de Amigo without maracas. But if a new Samba game can exist without insane peripherals, maybe Jungle Beat can too; alternately, Nintendo can double down on the craziness and bring back the bongos too, opening the floodgates for a Donkey Konga remaster and who knows what else.

Image: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Clamor for a Switch remaster of The Wind Waker is at an all-time high. There were rumors in the fall of 2022 of a bundled Twight Princess HD/ Winder Waker HD collection that (obviously) never panned out, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo fans should give up hope. To be a Zelda diehard is to live in optimism, and to occasionally be rewarded. The WiiU version of The Wind Waker added quality-of-life improvements to an already stellar game, undeniably one of Nintendo’s best entries in the series. Link’s adventures in a waterlogged version of Hyrule are incredibly fun, and sailing through the world while listening to one of series’ best scores is calming. Even if The Wind Waker doesn’t get an additional remaster, a straight port of the HD WiiU version would be an incredible addition to the Switch library. The system is close to being the best place to play Zelda games, but until it gets The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, it will always feel like it’s missing something.

Twilight Princess Wolf Link
Image: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Of course, there are those who prefer their Zelda adventures to be a little more straightforward and less experimental. A remaster of Twilight Princess would be exactly that. The debate still continues whether Twilight Princess is a direct response to the initial fan reception of The Wind Waker; Twilight Princess is, in many ways, a darkened-up Ocarina of Time, both in structure and aesthetically. There are a few fantastic dungeons and memorable items, and the ability to turn into a wolf is still a highlight. Midna remains one of Link’s best companions, and seeing what the Shadow Beasts of the Twilight Realm would look like in an even-further remastered version of this game is enticing. A bundle with The Wind Waker is exceedingly unlikely, but even as a standalone remaster, Twilight Princess would be a boon for Switch owners.

Killer7 Suda51 GameCube Switch Nintendo Remaster
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture


Developer Grasshopper Manufacture takes some of the biggest swings in game development. No More Heroes changed what kinds of stories Nintendo fans could expect on the Wii, and Killer7 did the same for the GameCube. A dark, twisted tale of assassins featuring a slick art style, this on-rails shooter is a hidden gem on the GameCube. This game deserves to be appreciated by a wide audience, if only because it is nearly impossible to describe to those who have never played it. Killer7 is still an enjoyable experience, and a remaster would push this game to heights it has always deserved. Suda51’s mad genius is always worthy of a look.

Wave Race: Blue Storm GameCube Switch
Image: Nintendo

Wave Race: Blue Storm

Goldeneye was hardly the only highly anticipated title brought to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass lately. Wave Race 64 showed that the Nintendo 64 was incredibly capable of combining great water physics and competent racing mechanics, and the GameCube follow-up Wave Race: Blue Storm was a showcase for the time. Launch titles are either revered or forgotten, and Blue Storm is another GameCube launch title that deserves to be brought back into the spotlight. Remastering this game would be an incredible opportunity to show that the Switch can still be a powerhouse if the developers play to its strengths; Blue Storm on Switch could look just as beautiful as Metroid Prime Remastered, with a little love and care.

Image: Nintendo

Kirby’s Air Ride

One of the GameCube’s great strengths was its focus on multiplayer games. The system was great for racing games, and one of the system’s most inventive racers was Kirby’s Air Ride. Its unique mechanics mashed up Kirby characters with the speed and fury of Wipeout, with high-octane results. Kirby is in the midst of a cultural renaissance, and coming after the massive success of 2022’s Kirby and the Forgotten Land, a Kirby’s Air Ride remaster makes sense. Kirby is more popular than ever, and the Switch can always benefit from more local multiplayer titles. This game already looks gorgeous, but a remaster could let the particle effects and glowing stars shine even more brightly.

Wario World Nintendo GameCube Switch
Image: Nintendo

Wario World

Wario, long consigned to the WarioWare series of microgames, is a star in his own right. While the Wario Land franchise has been given a nod thanks to Nintendo Switch Online, Wario’s 3D adventure on the GameCube, Wario World, feels like a long-forgotten treasure locked away in a chest. Sure, the game may not have as much meat on its bones as the average 3D Mario platformer, but Wario World gives Wario plenty of opportunities to showcase his swagger. A remaster of Wario World, while unlikely, would be a great chance for Nintendo to acknowledge its underused stable of side characters. Who knows; maybe a remaster of Wario World could finally pave the way for a standalone Waluigi game.

Image: FromSoftware

Lost Kingdoms

Before Elden Ring and Dark Souls, but after King’s Field and Armored Core, acclaimed developer FromSoftware developed Lost Kingdoms, a deckbuilding action-RPG for the GameCube. Lost Kingdoms is a strange game; it neither lays the groundwork for what the developer would eventually produce, nor does it iterate on what came before. This game and its sequel stand as their own unique adventures, where the player collects cards and summons magical monsters to defeat any evil they come across. While certainly a relic of its era, it would be incredible to see a beautiful remaster of Lost Kingdoms. The Switch is obviously incapable of rendering games in the fidelity of the Demon’s Souls PlayStation 5 remake, but a Switch remaster of this forgotten gem would mean a lot to a certain subset of fan. There are certainly more engaging and yes, better, games, but if Baten Kaitos can be revived, why not Lost Kingdoms?

The Legend Of Zelda And The Curious Case Of Four Swords Adventures
Image: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Some games developed for the GameCube were simply ahead of their time. Four Swords Adventures was one such game. Requiring an insurmountable amount of hardware to be played enjoyably, Four Swords Adventures is mostly remembered as the Zelda game where every player needed a Game Boy Advance on hand to actually play it. If one actually had everything they needed and a full party of four friends, the game could be exceedingly fun. Remastering this title and bringing it to Switch would be an incredible opportunity to showcase the strengths of the console. That said, this is a title that would need some tweaking, as the GBA functionality allowed for unique gameplay opportunities. Maybe more remake than remaster, bringing Four Swords Adventures to the Switch would offer Zelda fans a chance to play one of the most unique entries in the series.

Beyond Pen and Paper: Ranking the ‘Paper Mario’ Series
Image: Nintendo

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

As a series, Paper Mario has had its ups and downs. But for fans, The Thousand-Year Door remains the highest bar to clear. The game took everything great about Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64 and elevated it; on top of fantastic gameplay and legitimately great humor, The Thousand-Year Door looked and still looks incredible. For those frustrated by the gameplay shifts of The Origami King, a remaster of this GameCube classic would be a welcome addition to the ever-expanding Switch RPG library.

Image: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Colosseum

Pokémon, for better and worse, keeps on rolling out new entries seemingly every year. The series has fully saturated society to such a degree that no matter the state of any given game, it will break sales records. And yet, there has never been a better time to be a fan; despite continual missteps, there is a willingness these days to shake up the core Pokémon formula. Colosseum, despite its age, feels ripe for a remaster. The way the game reimagines exploration and creature capture still feels fresh, and would offer an incredible contrast to the mainline series. Purifying a Shadow Pokémon is still one of the most unique mechanics a Pokémon game has ever implemented. And who doesn’t want to see Shadow Lugia in all of their HD glory? While the game is hardly perfect, there is a kernel of something interesting at the heart of Colosseum and even its sequel, Gale of Darkness, that deserves to be explored.

Image: Nintendo

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

During the most recent Nintendo Direct, yet another wave of content was added to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe via the Booster Course DLC. It is easy to imagine Nintendo never developing another Mario Kart title ever again; they have proven that they will support this particular entry until the sun burns out. And yet- a remaster of Double Dash would be an incredible addition to the Switch’s library. It remains a mystery why having two riders per kart, arguably one of the best Mario Kart mechanics, has not been folded into Mario Kart 8 Deluxe; a remaster of Double Dash gives fans a chance to satiate that need. A fresh coat of paint is all Double Dash needs; factor in the fact they every Switch is ready to rock with a pair Joy-Con, and players are all set.

Image: SEGA

Skies of Arcadia: Legends

One of the most beloved RPGs of the Dreamcast received a GameCube port in the form of Skies of Arcadia: Legends. A swashbuckling tale of a plucky band of heroes, there has never been a better time to remaster this obscure title. Grandia received the HD Switch treatment; Tales of Symphonia‘s arrival is imminent. Players are more receptive than ever for well-regarded RPGs being brought forward to Nintendo’s most popular console, and Skies of Arcadia‘s incredible characters and epic story are worthy of a remaster.

Image: Nintendo

F-Zero GX

Nintendo has a deep backlog of incredible racing games across their entire lineup of systems. But somehow, the F-Zero series never seems to have had its time in the limelight. Despite both F-Zero X and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity being available on Switch via the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, there have been crickets regarding the series’ most high-velocity entry. An F-Zero GX remaster would bring a jolt of excitement racing fans tired of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or the endless deluge of kart-racing imitators. Perhaps a Nintendo Switch remaster reinvigorate the franchise in the same way Three Houses did for Fire Emblem; either way, remastering this game would be a smart move, showing that Nintendo cares about F-Zero for than just strip-mining it for Mario Kart tracks and Blue Falcon skins.

Obviously, there are dozens of titles worthy of Switch remaster; one can only hope that the success of Metroid Prime Remastered reminds Nintendo that there are plenty of gems left to polish and rerelease to a much wider audience.

Cameron Daxon is a video game evangelist and enthusiastic reader. He lives in Los Angeles, California and once nearly collided with Shigeru Miyamoto during E3. His favorite game is Bloodborne, but only when he’s not revisiting Super Mario World. He’s also in the writer’s room for YouTube personality The Completionist and other places on the internet.



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    I don’t know if I agree with this list. Many games have sequels that build up on the originals and are quite a bit better making the original a bit more obsolete (Pikmin, double dash) and with limited resources it makes no sense to remaster them. Now F-Zero, Sonic Adventure Battle are good examples, but honestly a sequel would probably be better that builds upon the originals instead.

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