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Does Decidueye’s Inclusion in ‘Pokkén Tournament’ Open the Door to ‘Smash Bros.’?



Decidueye has made a remarkable debut in Pokkén Tournament DX; unsurprisingly popular, its standard-fighter set-up makes it a well balanced in both field and duel phases. A successful introduction into the Pokkén series, it wouldn’t be too adrift to think further into the future and to predict its inclusion into the next Super Smash Bros. game on the Nintendo Switch.

More often than not, the poster-pokémon of the generation will be included into Super Smash Bros. Generation One typically had many, with Pikachu and Charizard both regularly included, as has Jigglypuff as a mainstay from the original in 1999. Lucario from Generation Four has been included since Brawl and Greninja had recently been added to the 3DS addition, both the image of their respected generations.

A Super Smash Bros. for the Switch is inevitable, and with Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon releasing in November, Decidueye will be a remarkably fresh addition. Decidueye fits Super Smash in numerous ways, notably, its bipedal posture helps it become an easy addition into the DNA of the series. Not only one of physique, but its special characteristics in Pokkén Tournament DX are easily transferable into the Smash series without too much deviation.

How Decidueye would work in Super Smash is quite straightforward. It would use its bow as a long range weapon, fight as it does in Pokkén in close combat, and undoubtedly have an ability to fly much like Charizard.  Its special move would be a variant of Spirit Shackle, seen in both Pokkén and Sun and Moon, and it could even access a grass move like Leafage.

The challenge Decidueye faces is merely one of popularity. Every character included into Super Smash Bros. has been solely due to its reputation amongst other Nintendo figures. Other pokémon have been arguably more popular and never made it as a playable character, notably Scizor from Generation Two and Blaziken from Generation Three. There is also the question as to whether Decidueye is even the face of Generation Six when the animé has dedicated more time to the story of Litten and Rockruff. Notably, the new Dusk-Form Lycanroc, one of the evolutions of Rockruff, has a similarly peculiar evolution to Ash-Greninja that makes it unique amongst other pokémon.

Greninja’s inclusion into Super Smash Bros. was as palpable as it was auspicious. Greninja was undeniably the face of X and Y and became a huge part of the reason why the X and Y animé is arguably the best season to date. Indeed, the animé was so successful, they included Ash-Greninja into the games, creating the ability Battle Bond. Decidueye is nowhere near the popularity of Greninja yet and probably never will be. Its inclusion in Pokkén Tournament is one of design rather than popularity. Decidueye in many ways was supposed to be this generation’s Greninja but hasn’t quite lived up to those heightened expectations as not many would.

It would be reasonable to assume at this point in time that Decidueye will not be included in the next installment of the Super Smash Bros. series. In reality, none of the pokémon from Sun and Moon would make it as a playable character. However, non-playable characters is another situation entirely. Both Mimikyu and Toxapex would make great foes that could either be apart of a certain arena or be drawn from a pokéball. Sun and Moon had some of the strongest designs, certainly some of the most unique to be seen since Pokémon first began, opening the franchise up to more possibilities.

However, Decidueye shouldn’t be ruled out entirely. Its popularity in Pokkén Tournament DX will only become stronger as time goes on. While it hasn’t been an instant success story like Lucario and Greninja, it certainly remains one of the fan favorites from Sun and Moon, and with Pokémon as a franchise at an all-time high, it wouldn’t be unusual to see additional playable pokémon in Super Smash Bros.

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