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The WandaVision Intros Get an Animal Crossing Makeover



Unless you’ve been living under a rock since January, you’ve probably at least heard of Marvel’s hit television show that streamed on Disney Plus and recently came to an end: WandaVision. The show is known for skipping through formats of sitcoms from each decade, starting with the 1950’s. With this interesting formula came different introductions- complete with their own unique theme songs- for each episode. The intros are unique too, parodying various sitcoms from across the years from Malcolm in the Middle for the 90’s and The Brady Bunch for the 70’s. These intros have attracted a lot of love and attention and so -of course- they got a video game makeover in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

A YouTuber by the name of Link only has five videos to their name and three of these are fantastic recreations of WandaVision moments within the Nintendo Switch game, including the aforementioned episode introductions (episodes one to six as episode sevens intro is title cards only and there is no intro for the other episodes). Link’s attention to detail throughout is fantastic. I particularly like the details of all the different outfits for both Wanda and The Vision and the perfect recreation of the various sets. WandaVision is certainly inspiring creativity in a lot of people- with fan art and various kinds of videos cropping up all over the place- and Link’s Animal Crossing/ WandaVision crossover videos are certainly one of my favourites. Some of the best parts of the video in my humble opinion: Vision’s helmet; Timmy and Tommy the raccoon twins as Billy and Tommy the human twins; Pietro the clown as Pietro Maximoff. Now there’s a fan casting that we can all get behind.

Make sure to check out Link’s video below and their YouTube channel here.

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