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Ranking the Second Generation of Fire Emblem Awakening



After becoming acquainted with the colorful cast of adults in Fire Emblem Awakening, the story soon turns into a tale of time travel involving the children of all these characters. After experiencing a dark future in which the Fell Dragon causes destruction and the death of their parents, a group of thirteen kids travels to the past to save their mothers and fathers. But while their original plan was a heroic rescue, the children end up having relatively normal lives among the Shepherds and create some of the best supports in the game. The second generation, though not as expansive as the first, carries on the tradition of basing characters around certain gimmicks or traits to make them more memorable. In some cases, this fails, but in others, it can even make the children surpass their parents.

Artwork of Laurent from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

13. Laurent

Laurent is easily one of the most forgettable characters in the second generation and possibly even all of Fire Emblem Awakening. He is essentially a carbon copy of his mother, Miriel, with no extra traits to distinguish him as his own character. Though he utilizes his studies in a different way than her and has the additional skill of budgeting, these different traits are not enough to make him stand out.

His supports are rarely interesting either, usually relying on the other participant to carry it for him. Laurent does have the advantage of functioning as the serious, responsible type when interacting with some of the wacky characters, but unlike some of the other responsible types, he has no engaging traits. Perhaps this is why he is the sole child character from Awakening to not be included in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Artwork of Kjelle from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

12. Kjelle

Much like Laurent, Kjelle is easy to forget and far too similar to her mother. In fact, most of her character revolves around her being like Sully. She is tomboyish, eager to train, and hates being looked down upon for being a woman. Essentially, she is just Sully in far more armor. She at least has some interesting interactions with others, but few.

A notable trait of hers is that she is entirely unaware of any feminine activities. This trait sets her apart from the others and provides an interesting support chain with Severa, who teaches her about makeup. But this is still not enough to make her truly memorable. She is a perfectly fine character, but that is the issue: she is inoffensive but not particularly enjoyable either.

Artwork of Yarne from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

11. Yarne

Yarne’s character revolves around being the last Taguel in the world of Awakening, or at least the last in the future past. As a result of being the only person keeping his species alive, he is cowardly and scared of almost everything that could harm him. Even the smallest thing scares him. Not only that, but he is also paranoid about things that will not kill him but potentially make him cease to exist. He takes his role as the last Taguel so seriously he lives in constant fear.

But this is his only character trait. While it can sometimes be comical, after so many supports revolving around this, it can get tiring. If Yarne had a more well-rounded personality, he would be much more entertaining. The Taguel are such an interesting race; surely, his personality could have been developed to reflect that.

Artwork of Nah from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

10. Nah

The complete opposite of Nowi, Nah tries her best to be mature and not get mistaken for a child. A significant part of her character is related to her past after her parents died, while most of the second-generation characters’ personality traits either stemmed from their parent’s death or before it. Nah, on the other hand, wished for affection she never received from her foster family and therefore felt the need to prove herself worthy of affection and attention.

Though Nowi is one of the only other manaketes around, Nah has a difficult relationship with her because of their differing personalities. In these situations, Nah proves to be the more mature one, sometimes seeming more like an adult than her own mother. Yet Nah herself is prone to acting childish at times, proving that she and Nowi are not that different. Nah is a good example of a child that is both similar and different from their parent, cementing her as a unique character on her own.

Artwork of Brady from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

9. Brady

Surprisingly for a child of the prim and proper Maribelle, Brady has the appearance of a thug. He is constantly mistaken for the opposite of the noble he is, partially because of his appearance and partially because of his informal speech patterns. He is the absolute opposite of his mother, thanks to his inability to properly perform noble activities, further adding to the perception others have of him.

Despite all these traits, however, he is easily one of the softest and most emotional members of the entire army. He keeps his tough guy persona up most of the time but is willing to drop it and show his emotional vulnerability at any moment. Even his profile in-game states that he is more likely to burst into tears than to fight. This personality is not uncommon in video game and anime circles, but Fire Emblem Awakening makes Brady one of the best examples of this character type.

Artwork of Gerome from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

8. Gerome

Unlike many of the other children, Gerome initially does not want to change the past, even though that is the entire plot of Awakening. He instead believes that nothing can change his and the other children’s fates. Because of this, he is distant and tries to not form bonds even with his parents. But he still chooses to join the Shepherds in case there is hope for averting the future he hailed from. Even after accepting this tiny bit of hope, however, he still retains a stoic demeanor and does not waste time on anything besides training.

Yet he does have a more vulnerable side, specifically when he is without his mask. He is shy and can even be quite emotional, but prefers that nobody is aware of this. Even with his mask on, though, a hint of his true self can be seen when interacting with Minerva; he, too, cherishes her as Cherche did. Gerome’s lack of concern for the past sets him apart from the other children, but he still shows that he cares just as much as they do deep down.

Artwork of Cynthia from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

7. Cynthia

The most heroic of all the child characters in Fire Emblem Awakening, Cynthia is idealistic and determined to be the greatest hero. Her idealism and love of justice make her similar to actual lords in the series, with the distinction of being a simple side character who believes in too many stories of heroes. Yet she tries her best to do good, even if she sometimes trusts the wrong people. She is so dedicated to her cause that she practices dramatic entrances.

She has some shared traits with Sumia, such as clumsiness, but handles it differently. Cynthia is far more optimistic and outgoing than her mother, taking her mishaps in stride and not letting them bother her. She is completely distinct from Sumia despite sharing some common traits and interests, making her a totally unique character that stands as one of the most engaging members of the second generation. Her dramatic entrances into battle are especially fun to hear.

Artwork of Noire from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

6. Noire

Noire is incredibly anxious and afraid, thanks to Tharja’s repeated hex experimentation on her. The two of them have a strained relationship, potentially the worst out of all parent-child pairs. Noire is certainly the type of character that players would feel bad for, especially if they are playing as female Robin, who Noire latches onto as a better mother figure. She is quite pitiful, at least most of the time.

At other times, Noire’s personality shifts into an aggressive, loud persona that can scare others. This split personality can surface at any time, even during a conversation. Though this can lead to some amusing moments, it makes Noire into an even more tragic character. It is not explained why she has these shifts in personality; there are hints that it is due to a talisman, but also hints that it is a coping mechanism. Either way, Noire’s story remains depressing. She is deserving of a better version of Tharja than the one she had in the future past.

Artwork of Severa from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

5. Severa

Aggressive and sarcastic, Severa is a self-described snarky individual. She tends to speak to most people rudely, regularly making sarcastic remarks at their expense. She is hard to get along with because she does not make a good first or second impression. It takes her a long time to warm up to someone, and even then, she is still impolite. It is rare for her to show any side of herself other than hostility. But the few times she lets her guard down, she shows she can be just as vulnerable as anyone else.

Adding to her rude nature is her competitive spirit. Stemming from her mother’s perfectionism, Severa feels the need to win in any situation, even arguments. She will take any opportunity to turn something into a challenge, hoping to feel superior and live up to Cordelia. Though this competitiveness, combined with her harsh personality, make her seem antagonistic to others, it is understandable considering her upbringing. Once she leaves Awakening and travels to the land of Fire Emblem Fates, she becomes a much friendlier person, showing that she truly does have a soft side underneath her hard shell.

Artwork of Inigo from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

4. Inigo

Inigo is unique because he was previously similar to his mother but has since grown into a completely different person. Originally even more timid than Olivia, Inigo built up his confidence by learning to talk to girls. While it did help him overcome his shyness, it also resulted in him becoming a flirt that attempts to woo almost every woman he comes across, usually to no avail.

But while he usually has no luck in the romance department, he is still a cheerful individual who always keeps a smile on his face. He tries to keep allies in high spirits despite the world they came from. Though he can become upset in some situations, such as when the other guys have an easier time wooing women, Inigo is overall a very positive person. His desire to make people happy is admirable for someone who experienced such heartache in the future past.

Artwork of Morgan from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

3. Morgan

Morgan, unlike the rest of the second generation, does not have any memories of the future the rest of the children hailed from. While this is to deal with any potential problems with their parent being from the second generation, it actually works well as a backstory. Morgan’s amnesia plays a huge part in their character as they try to remember bits and pieces about Robin and deal with guilt over their lack of memories of the other parent. Sometimes, they even resort to hitting themselves in the head with a book in an attempt to jog their memories, and the few times they do remember something, they are ecstatic.

But their amnesia is not the sole focus of their character. They have many other personality facets depending on their gender, a concept that Robin does not have. Female Morgan is cheerful yet insensitive sometimes, especially because of her prankster nature. Male Morgan, on the other hand, is more laidback and friendly but also somewhat awkward. Each gender behaves differently with their peers, essentially making both versions of Morgan seem like separate characters. This can be a good reason for players to play as both male and female Robin, just to see how different their child can be.

Artwork of Owain from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

2. Owain

The first generation may have its fair share of oddballs, but Owain takes the cake as the strangest yet most engaging one. He is loud, dramatic, and believes himself far more special than he really is. He crafts tales of his legendary swordhand and boiling blood, neither of which his friends take seriously. Though some people struggle to understand his meaning, he never lets that deter him; he will continue using his elaborate speech with anyone he meets, except in certain situations where the other person genuinely has no idea what he is saying.

His bond with his mother, Lissa, is very strong. Though Lissa is initially in disbelief that he is her son, they end up growing close despite him not being born yet in her time. The few times he breaks his character are related to her, particularly his grief over losing her. Their relationship is wonderful to see; in fact, Owain’s relationship with any character is fun to watch. Not only that, but Owain is the main supplier of easter eggs in Fire Emblem Awakening, further boosting his entertainment level.

Artwork of Lucina from Fire Emblem Cipher.
Source: Nintendo

1. Lucina

The third main character of Fire Emblem Awakening, Lucina is the star of the second generation and the most involved in the overall plot. Her usually stoic nature stems from the responsibility she carries. As the leader of the second generation, she strives to be a good example for them and to be the most level-headed one. Even though she feels responsible for them and tries to protect them, she still feels as though she can never live up to her father.

Everything she does comes back to her love for her parents, especially Chrom. She tries to make up for lost time by spending as much time as possible with them while also doing anything in her power to save their lives. While she does adore her mother, she idolizes Chrom and strives to be like him. In some ways, she has already achieved this, inheriting his penchant for breaking objects during training. This small trait, along with her horrendous fashion sense, gives small peaks at what she would truly be like if not for the loss of her beloved parents.

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