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Octopath Traveler No Longer Available on Nintendo eShop



Octopath Traveler No Longer Available on Nintendo eShop

Fans of the hit RPG, Octopath Traveler, were in for a surprise as the game got removed from the Nintendo eShop. Square Enix, the game’s creator, has yet to share why this happened. This move has left many players puzzled and looking for answers.

Octopath Traveler, known for its unique 8-character storyline and captivating graphics, has been a favorite since its launch in 2018. It mixed classic RPG elements with modern twists, winning hearts worldwide. The game’s departure from the eShop means new players can’t download it anymore. However, those who already own it can still play and re-download if needed.

The game also saw a PC release in 2019, expanding its reach. There, it continues to be available for fans and new players alike. Its success even led to a mobile prequel and a sequel, Octopath Traveler II, set to launch next year.

This isn’t the first time a popular game has vanished from an online store without clear reasons. These decisions often stem from licensing issues, strategic moves, or preparations for new releases. Fans are hopeful for a return or an explanation from Square Enix soon.

As of now, Square Enix has not commented on the delisting. Players are left waiting and speculating on the future of Octopath Traveler on the Nintendo platform. The gaming community eagerly awaits any news, hoping for a positive outcome.

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For those looking to dive into the world of Octopath Traveler, it remains available on PC. Meanwhile, anticipation grows for the sequel, promising more adventures in this beloved universe.