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HARVESTELLA Producer Daisuke Taka Exits Square Enix



HARVESTELLA Producer Daisuke Taka Exits Square Enix

Daisuke Taka, the producer of the popular game HARVESTELLA, has announced his departure from Square Enix at the end of April. He shared the news on Twitter, stating, “Yesterday was my last day going into the office!” Taka expressed his gratitude for the continued support from players, streamers, and the development team, emphasizing how blessed he feels about the game’s ongoing popularity since its release.

Taka’s future plans remain uncertain. He humorously noted that unlike many who claim to be undecided about their next steps while having plans, he is genuinely “completely undecided” about his future, calling it a reckless move. Despite the uncertainty, Taka is open to exploring new opportunities, inviting professionals and amateurs alike to reach out. He concluded his announcement with a light-hearted invitation for a drink, signaling his openness to new ventures and connections.

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Taka’s departure marks the end of an era for Square Enix and HARVESTELLA. However, it also opens a new chapter for the producer, hinting at exciting possibilities ahead. As the gaming community bids farewell to Taka at Square Enix, many look forward to seeing what creative endeavors he will pursue next.