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NXpress Podcast #47: Nintendo Direct & ‘A Link to the Past’




This week’s episode sees the NXpress crew give their take on some of the bigger announcements and trailers from Nintendo’s latest Direct, ranging from excitement over the new Kirby game and J-pop levels of enthusiasm for the crazy-weird looking Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE to cautious optimism for Star Fox Zero, and some outright disappointment for a couple of other games that didn’t fare so well in their respective impressions, Metroid Prime: Federation Force and Paper Mario: Color Splash.

After pondering to the future, for our main segment we take a look back to the past and one of the greatest entries in Nintendo’s seminal Legend of Zelda franchise. A Link to the Past is a masterpiece that set the formula for how Zelda games are thought of to this day, but where does it stand in the series pantheon? We dive deep into one of Link’s greatest adventures and talk about why it still holds up today (even Link’s pink hair). All this and more!


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Episode Playlist

00:00: A Link to the Past Intro
01:00: Nintendosage: Nintendo Direct Wii U review
12:00: A Link to the Past interlude
13:00: Nintendosage: Nintendo Direct 3DS review
30:00: Rolling Stones – “Out of Time”
32:00: A Link to the Past commercial
33:00: The Main Event: A Link to the Past review
63:00: Rolling Stones – “Time Is On My Side”

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