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Nintendo’s New Pokemon Pass App: Everything You Need to Know



This morning, Pokemon announced Pokemon Pass, a new IOS and Android app designed to handle digital promotions distributed by third party vendors like Target and Gamestop. Launching alongside this software is a Target tie-in involving a free Shiny Eevee for owners of Let’s Go Pikachu and a free Shiny Pikachu for Let’s Go Eevee. All players need to do is download the app, head to a local Target location between May 11th and June 23rd, and scan a QR code.


While this promo is for the Switch, future Pokemon Pass giveaways will include content for mobile devices and other Pokemon titles. As for the future, Nintendo states that they have plans for Pokemon Go releases as well as digital stickers and background wallpapers.

First thoughts involve “Do I have enough storage for Pokemon Pass?” and “Oh, hell yea, another app to clutter up my phone.” With the variety of random Pokemon Company related apps, it’s easy to see this product being deleted at the end of every promo and re-downloaded whenever another one begins. 


In all fairness though, Pokemon Pass is a much better alternative to bringing your DS or cartridge to a physical location and also eliminates the stress of fighting other players for key cards given out by retailers. This could even destroy the slight resale value of the desirable codes that were previously used by Nintendo in more popular promotions. 


That being said, the possibility of misuse also lies in the ease of access of the platform. It’s almost a guarantee that the Pokemon Pass QR codes will leak online and give players access to these Pokemon from the comfort of their own home and eliminate the promotional quality of these events. Unless Nintendo GPS locks the device to only work within the confines of a Target location, cheaters may be rife. Ultimately, this is a pretty small price to pay for access to these Pokemon without the hassles of large scale distribution.


View the full trailer and check out the press briefing for additional details

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  1. ingrid

    May 28, 2019 at 5:13 am

    no app of pokemon pass in the playstore,

  2. ingrid

    May 28, 2019 at 5:15 am

    All players need to do is download the app, head to a local Target location between May 11th and June 23rd, and scan a QR code.

    well, no store here does know about this, they dont have a qr code or display either.
    and no pokemon pass app in the play store..

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