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Musicians Come Together to Create the Spectacular Mii Channel Jam



What do you get what you cross a bunch of talented musicians with one of the most iconic/meme-inducing game console musical themes in history? The answer is one hell of an epic remix. Alex Moukala (who I have discussed before in the blog) is a musician well known for his funky remixes of classic video game music. He is also the mastermind behind this Mii Channel Jam as he called on the many musicians of the Internet from all over the world to join him in creating a funked-up version of the infamous Mii Channel theme.

The Mii Channel Jam brings together thirty musicians and singers and features an eclectic array of instruments such as the saxophone, multiple guitars, keyboards, synths, the harp and the drums. There is also a ton of talented YouTubers involved, such as Family Jules who- much like Alex Moukala- is known for his awesome video game covers (though he does metal and rock covers rather than funk), LittleVMills, FerdK, insaneintherainmusic and harpsona. Even video game composer Lena Raine– known for her work on the soundtrack for the indie game Celeste– gets in on the Mii theme remix.

Make sure to check out the remix below and to see all of the musicians involved, have a look at the description below the video.  

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