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Miyazaki Plans to Make More Games Like Elden Ring



Miyazaki Plans to Make More Games Like Elden Ring

FromSoftware, the Japanese studio behind the acclaimed Souls series, is set to continue its legacy after the success of Elden Ring. This game studio has earned a strong reputation in the gaming world. Their journey began with Demon’s Souls and has now reached new heights with Elden Ring.

With the gaming community buzzing about the new “Shadow of the Erdtree” trailer, it’s clear that FromSoftware’s style of gaming has a bright future. While this addition might end the Elden Ring story, players are curious about what’s next. FromSoftware’s president, Hidetaka Miyazaki, hints at exciting future projects.

In an interview with Famitsu magazine, Miyazaki revealed his willingness to create more large-scale games like Elden Ring. “Yes, I’d like to,” he said, expressing his desire to build on the experience gained from Elden Ring. He finds creating “big worlds and big adventures” not only fun but also thrilling.

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Miyazaki’s previous statement about not planning more DLC for Elden Ring suggests that the studio is gearing up for new projects. Whether it’s an Elden Ring sequel or a brand-new title, it’s clear that FromSoftware is preparing to deliver games as rich and immersive as their latest masterpiece.