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The ‘Master Trials’: A Brave New Challenge



The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has received its first DLC and what a challenge it is proving to be. The Master Trials hasn’t just provided nostalgic new outfits, but a test to find who is truly worthy to wield the master sword; Trial of the Sword.

‘The Trial of the Sword’ pits you against the arena, with nothing but your skin and your brain, to confront foes that gradually get more menacing as you move from one arena to the next. To begin your test, head to the Great Deku Tree in the Korok Forest, and place your master sword where you once unsheathed it. The adorable koroks will act out a pantomime of your errand before you begin your daunting trial, a prospect that leads you to defy the odds once more.

Undoubtedly, you feel courageous as you’ve likely already defeated Calamity Ganon. Confidence is a glorious trait when setting out to save Hyrule from an evil that keeps emerging, however, our friend the Great Deku Tree doesn’t welcome audacity and has provided the weights to put our feet back down to earth. What starts out as a simple bokoblin task soon becomes a test against the environment itself. Once just a few trees as obstacles soon becomes a tide of water pushing you into the enemy’s gaze. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, what is bad for you is bad for your foes too. To defeat the Trial of the Sword you must use your surroundings to your advantage. Ignore what little the arena provides you then you can only be sure of one thing, and that isn’t victory.

Even with that advice, you’re still in for a tough time. Other than the master mode itself, this is exactly the challenge Breath of the Wild needed in the DLC.  It’s going to become infuriating, and maybe even require a little tenacity, to crawl through the 45 challenges our friend from the Korok Forest has provided us. However, the reward of a fully powered master sword will leave us running like lemmings until we’ve come out alive.

Luckily, if you’re not quite ready for 45 levels of adrenalin-producing torture, then the Master Trials DLC has also provided some nostalgic costumes for you to find. Someone or something called Misko has left a journal in the Outpost Ruins, with clues to where each piece of new clothing is.

The Majora’s Mask can be found by the Kolomo Garrison Ruins, south of Kolomo Lake. The mask allows you to walk past most bokoblins, moblins, and lizalfos without being attacked. This proves quite useful in helping you find an enemy’s base weak spot and causing maximum damage to wade off any lingering threat that may have been lurking. Or, it just prevents some bothersome skirmishes on your travels.

Midna’s helmet is found in the Regencia river, amongst the ruins of the Sage Temple. There are a few lizalfos guarding the area, but if you have the Majora’s Mask, they’ll either ignore you or just follow you curiously. Midna’s Helmet provides extra defense against ancient technology, so will be most useful in finding the next two sets of outfits.

One of which is Tingle’s costume. If you wish to prance around as a grown man dressed as a fairy, then this is the outfit for you. The three pieces of clothing are spread across Hyrule Field, in places heavily guarded by Guardians. Tingle’s Hood is at the Exchange Ruins, northeast of Aquame Bridge. Tingle’s shirt is in the Castle Town Prison, and Tingle’s tights are in Mabe Village Ruins near where Lon Lon Ranch once was. Tingle’s fairy outfit allows you to move faster in the dark, much like the Dark Link outfit.

The last of Misko’s outfits in the Phantom Armor. This one has one notoriety that makes it a little more challenging. The phantom grieves can be found at the Hyrule Garrison Ruins and the phantom armor can be found at the Sacred Ground Ruins, each providing some Guardian resistance. It’s the pantom helmet, however, where the real menace is unleashed. If you’ve been to the Coliseum Ruins before, you know there’s a lynel casually strolling around the arena. If you fancy a fight, bring an abundance of food and have stasis and arrows ready. If you’re not in the mood for a lynel confrontation, Kilton can make you a lynel mask that will provide enough time for you to grab the helmet and run. The phantom outfit is much like the barbarian outfit, increasing your attack.

The Korok Mask is a piece of equipment that Misko never got their hands on. Hidden in the darkness of the Korok Forest, you have to find the courage to enter its depths once more. It’s actually pretty simple to find, just start from the beginning and follow the wind on your torch, checking every open-mouthed tree until you find the chest with ‘EX’ on it. The Korok mask helps you find koroks hidden across Hyrule, wiggling and giggling when a friend is nearby. It can be tricky to still find the koroks with the mask, but it at least alerts you so you can hunt for the adorable creature’s little clues.

The Travel Medallion is the last piece of important equipment the Master Trials DLC provides (not including the red Nintendo Switch t-shirt you can find on the Great Plateau). Head to Lomei Labyrinth Island, warping to Tu Ka’loh shrine. Drop down the wind shaft to the bottom level, and you’ll be surrounded by Guardians; fortunately, you should have Midna’s helmet. This is also a good time to have the Hyrule shield to help deflect some of the lasers being directed at you. Once you’ve dealt with the Guardians, you’ll find the chest containing the Travel Medallion on that floor. This new piece of shiny equipment allows you to fast travel to whichever location you set it to.

The Master Trials DLC has provided some fabulous new content and will reinvigorate your desire to play Breath of the Wild. With another DLC, The Champions’ Ballad, out Holiday this year, it seems Breath of the Wild will continue to get fresh new content. The Master Trials DLC has so far been a great new challenge and that’s without attempting the new master mode yet.




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