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Internet Study Shows What Video Game Characters The Public Finds the Sexiest



Yes, today we are going to a weird place. That weird place is hot video game characters. Most gamers are guilty of finding a character attractive now and again, but it’s always interesting to see what the general consensus is when it comes to things like this. I know that for me, it’s always nice to know that I’m not the only one looking at what is essentially a blob of pixels and thinking, “Nice.” A recent study- created by compiling Google Search Data and information from various fan sources-to put together a list of the sexiest male and female video characters and the result is surprisingly diverse in terms of the types of games  they come from and their character types. It’s certainly an interesting look into what is considered appealing by the general gaming community. Check out the top ten sexiest female and male characters below.

The Top Ten Sexiest Female Video Game Characters

1. Lara Croft. Tomb Raider Series. Search volume of 169,100.

2. Samus Aran- Metroid Series. Search volume of 112,000.

3. Jill Valentine- Resident Evil Series. Search volume of 110, 400.

4.Chun Li- Street Fighter Series. Search volume of 102,100.

5. Widowmaker- Overwatch. Search volume of 102,000.

6. Rosalina. Super Mario Series. Search volume of 90,300.

7. Bayonetta. Bayonetta Series. Search volume of 78,300.

8. Tifa Lockhart. Final Fantasy Series. Search volume of 56,900.

9. Palutena. Kid Icarus Series. Search volume of 51,400.

10. Ada Wong. Resident Evil Series. Search volume of 45,300.

Of course Lara is number one. She has been such an iconic character for twenty five years now and has always been considered one of the most well-known and- how shall I put it- “admired” female characters in gaming. I like the variety of games involved here from over the course of several decades too. The most recent fan favourite is Widowmaker from Overwatch, which isn’t too surprising considering the aerodynamic nature of her outfit. The only character that did surprise me was Rosalina from the Super Mario series. I would have thought she was considered more cute than sexy and how did she manage to beat out both Princess Peach and Princess Daisy?

The Top Ten Sexiest Male Video Game Characters

1. Link: The Legend of Zelda Series. Search volume of 54,800.

2. Geralt of Rivia: The Witcher Series. Search volume of 4,400.

3. Master Chief: Halo Series. Search volume of 3,100.

4. Cloud Strife: Final Fantasy Series. Search volume of 2,290.

5. Sephiroth: Final Fantasy Series: Search volume of 1,970.

6. Vega: Street Fighter Series: Search volume of 1,740.

7. Kratos: God of War Series: Search volume of 1,470.

8. Dante: Devil May Cry Series: Search volume of 1,300.

9. Chris Redfield: Resident Evil Series: Search volume of 1,280.

10. Kano: Mortal Kombat Series. Search volume of 1,240.

The search volumes of the male characters compared to the female characters made me laugh out loud, not going to lie. But look at that jump between the number one and number two places. Damn, Link. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this list but it all boils down to personal tastes I suppose. I get Geralt, Cloud, Dante, Chris Redfield and even Kratos. But Master Chief is hidden behind a helmet. The allure of mystery I guess. Link being number one just makes me a bit uncomfortable as he is so young. I don’t just mean the child version of him either. He always seems like way too young of a character to be considered sexy. Sephiroth…okay yeah I can get behind that too. But Kano from Mortal Kombat?? No thank you. That is one crazy Australian who is surely more trouble than he is worth. I have to say- for both the male and the female lists- where are the Mass Effect and Dragon Age characters? I am personally offended by their lack of inclusion.

Have a look at the entire list for yourself at the link here.

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