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Game Boys, Ep. 29: Things Get A Bit Mechy



In this episode of Game Boys things get a bit mechy.  Continuing to fine tune the machine that is the Game Boys Podcast, Tim and Ryan do away with the “What We’ve Been Playing” segment and replace it with a general “What’s Happening” in co-op gaming segment.  This week’s topics range from OverwatchMetal Gear Survive, and Destiny: Rise of Iron.  Then, the Game Boys see what’s going down with the Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Tech Test on Xbox One and PS4.  Finally, wading through tides of internet hate, Ryan and Tim give their impressions of the bemoaned Metroid Prime: Federation Force.  Is the Internet justified in its wrath against Federation Force?  Does Titanfall 2 hold up as well as the original?  It’s all on this week’s Game Boys!

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Game Boys is a podcast dedicated entirely to co-op gaming. Its regular hosts, Tim and Ryan, have been gaming together for roughly eighteen years, and have dedicated countless hours to finding the best cooperative games of all varieties, whether in person “couch” co-op games, online only, or anything in between.