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6 Can’t-Miss Sega Genesis Games on Nintendo Switch Online

Wondering which Sega Genesis games to play on Nintendo Switch Online? From RPGs to action games, here’s where to start.



Sega Genesis Nintendo Switch Online


The Blue Blur may be the first character that comes to mind when thinking of Genesis mascot platformers, but he wasn’t Sega’s only attempt to create recognizable first-party platforming IPs. One such effort was Ristar, an endearing platformer that takes many ideas left over from the development of the original Sonic games and reimagines them as a more methodical and exploratory adventure. The eponymous hero’s stretchable arms enable versatile exploration throughout vast, open-ended levels packed with secrets. Released late in the Genesis’s lifecycle, Ristar also boasts some of the platform’s most advanced visuals, its lush graphics brimming with color and upbeat charm. It’s the perfect complement to Sonic 2 and an ideal choice for Nintendo Switch Online, giving players an excellent alternative to hyper-fast play.

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