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6 Can’t-Miss Sega Genesis Games on Nintendo Switch Online

Wondering which Sega Genesis games to play on Nintendo Switch Online? From RPGs to action games, here’s where to start.



Sega Genesis Nintendo Switch Online

Gunstar Heroes

The Sega Genesis lineup may include Contra: Hard Corps, a remarkably solid entry in Konami’s ultimate run-and-gun franchise, but even that title pales in comparison to the adrenaline-pumping excellence of Gunstar Heroes. Developed by the legendary minds at Treasure, Gunstar Heroes delivers some of the most finely-tuned action gameplay to ever grace the Genesis. Its levels offer nonstop thrills from start to finish—one will have you pursuing an enemy train on a mining cart, while another will see you climb an enemy spacecraft as it’s taking off. Its unique combo system allows you to combine different weapons into brand-new shot types, allowing for versatile strategies and plenty of replayability. The game’s clever use of the Genesis’s Motorola 68000 microprocessor made it a technical marvel at the time, brimming with 3D shapes alongside its lush 2D pixel art. Gunstar Heroes remains a treat for action fans today, just as much as it was decades ago.

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