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6 Can’t-Miss Sega Genesis Games on Nintendo Switch Online

Wondering which Sega Genesis games to play on Nintendo Switch Online? From RPGs to action games, here’s where to start.



Sega Genesis Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo switch online sega genesis

Streets of Rage 2

To put it mildly, Streets of Rage 2 is nothing short of arcade perfection. It takes the classic beat’em up formula as established by a generation of titles before it and refines it with diverse enemy types, intuitive combos, and most importantly, non-stop action dressed in an incredible sense of style. Whether you’re playing on your own or with a friend, hitting the streets to take down Mr. X and his army of goons never gets old. It certainly helps that it features one of the funkiest game soundtracks ever composed, packed with danceable house beats and ear-wormy techno tunes that exquisitely complement the constant crunch of punching and kicking your way to the end of each level. Nearly thirty years since its debut, it still doesn’t get much better than Streets of Rage 2.  

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