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6 Can’t-Miss Sega Genesis Games on Nintendo Switch Online

Wondering which Sega Genesis games to play on Nintendo Switch Online? From RPGs to action games, here’s where to start.



Sega Genesis Nintendo Switch Online

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Before the Castlevania franchise pivoted toward open-ended exploratory adventures with Symphony of the Night, the series was all about straightforward, linear, tough-as-nails linear platforming. Castlevania: Bloodlines crystallizes that formula with a vampire-slaying quest that sees players exploring Europe to fight the demonic forces that caused WWI (the series has never been one for historical accuracy). This entry takes the whip-slinging gameplay of the series’ NES predecessors and complements it with an additional spear-wielding playable character, introducing a more varied gameplay loop. The combat and platforming remain as brutal as ever, seeing players challenge a massive range of gothic fiends straight out of medieval mythology—and the Genesis’s relative lack of censorship means that Bloodlines truly earns its title with some of the bloodiest action the series had seen at that time.

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