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The Kingdom Hearts PC Mods are Insane, Beautiful Madness



As with most games that receive a port to the PC, Kingdom Hearts has been getting a fair amount of attention from the modding community. I recently spoke about a mod that allows you to battle with Mario as Link in Kingdom Hearts III which made me curious as to what other mods where out there. Rest assured that I fell deep into that rabbit hole. With the whole series of Kingdom Hearts games finally coming to PC back at the end of March, the mods have been coming in thick and fast for the series so let’s take a look at some of the bizarre creations to come out of Kingdom Heartss transition to the PC.

Luxord’s boss battle in Kingdom Hearts III is all about that card play, seeing as he is the Gambler of Fate within Organization XIII. His whole spiel is forcing his opponents into games and punishing them if they do not abide by the rules. One particular mod for Kingdom Hearts III on PC focuses on Luxord’s fight and switches out his cards- which play a huge role in the battle- to Yu-Gi-Oh cards for…reasons? It’s a pretty funny concept from creator DemurerFire who uploaded the mod onto Nexus Mods.

Image Courtesy of DemurerFire and Nexus Mods

Not a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh? Then have no fear because DemurerFire has got you covered with a Uno Card version of the same mod for Luxord’s boss battle. Now you can truly Uno Reverse in style. Please make a Pokémon card one next!

Image Courtesy of DemurerFire and Nexus Mods

We all know that Shrek is both love and life so why not mod him into a Kingdom Hearts game? This mod comes from Twitter user Luciana Ciccariello- @xeeynamo– and it replaces Beast from Kingdom Hearts II with our lord and saviour Shrek. The prophecy has well and truly been fulfilled.

This mod from calebsmores on Nexus Mods takes everyone’s favourite sentient train and sneaks him into Kingdom Hearts II (so many of these mods are for the second game). If you’ve played the second Kingdom Hearts game then you may remember a random tram that does the rounds in Twilight Town. Well now you can replace that boring and non plus tram with the stunning and beautiful Thomas the Tank Engine because how could you not love Thomas the Tank Engine. One of my absolute favourite mods of all time is the one that replaces dragons in Skyrim with the trains from Thomas the Tank Engine so I am all for this one.

Image Courtesy of calebsmores and Nexus Mods

For when you’d rather be playing Minecraft but are playing Kingdom Hearts instead, this mod- another one over on Nexus Mods- from junior0438 who is also junior++ on Twitter, the creator of that Link and Mario Kingdom Hearts mod- replaces the Kingdom Key weapon with a Minecraft Diamond Sword. Oddly enough, the Diamond Sword kind of works well when put into the game. I know it’s not a Disney property but it kind of makes me want to see a Minecraft world for next Kingdom Hearts. Make it happen.

Image Courtesy of junior0438 and Nexus Mods

Diamond Swords are one thing but what if you had a comically large frying pan instead? That is literally what this next mod is, entitled “Comically Large Frying Pan” from SputnikMan123 on Nexus Mods. I mean, there isn’t much to say except that it’s large. Comically so. I need it in my life.

Image Courtesy of SputnikMan123 and Nexus Mods

Junior ++ is at it again with this mod. It isn’t quite finished yet but junior gave us a sneak peek on their Twitter of a mod that replaces Sora with a Lego figure. Again, this really shouldn’t work as well as it does. I hope junior manages to mod Sora’s spiky hair onto the Lego man just to finish off the look.

Okay so finally, this one isn’t weird or bizarre but it is entirely necessary. If you’ve played Kingdom Hearts III then you’ll probably remember the constant- and I mean CONSTANT- repetition of certain lines and phrases from the characters, such as Donald Ducks highly frustrating, “This might be a good spot to find some ingredients!” I KNOW DONALD, I KNOW KINDLY SHUT YOUR DAMN BEAK. Well this mod- aptly named “No More Ingredients” by Nexus Mods user NormieMods removes those repetitive lines, both the ingredients one and the lines that are used over and over again whenever you discover an emblem. I think we can all agree that NormieMods is the hero that we need but not the one that we deserve.

Image Courtesy of NormieMods and Nexus Mods

Have a look through all sorts of Kingdom Hearts mods for yourself over on the Kingdom Hearts tag on Nexus Mods.

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