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Nxpress Nintendo Podcast #178: Switch Lite, ‘Astral Chain’ Review, and Standouts From the Latest Direct



There just never seems to be enough time to talk about everything going on in the world of Nintendo these days, so this week we have another jam-packed show. To kick things off, Rick, Tim, and Patrick are joined by Goomba Stomp contributor Renan Fontes to talk about Rick’s time spent testing the Switch Lite. Just what did out editor-in-chief think about Nintendo’s latest dedicated handheld, and what sort of consumer might it appeal to? Will it entice players away from getting a ‘normal’ Switch?

Next up, Patrick and Renan give a full review of the acclaimed Astral Chain (with a little bit of help from Neuron force rookie Tim). After his initial impressions weren’t so hot, has the game’s in-depth combat and detective-based exploration finally won Patrick over? Or has the tense and irritating situation escalated beyond the point of repair? Regardless, Renan explains how Platinum’s latest action opus just might be his game of the year, especially with all the post-game content keeping him busy. It’s a well-rounded discussion that should provide a good overview of both a casual and expert position.

In the last segment, the guys pick which announcements from the latest Nintendo Direct got them the most excited. XenobladeReturn of the Obra Din, and even Super NES games online each make an appearance. So for all this and more on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, have a listen!

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
Nintendosage: Nintendo Switch Lite review plus Nintendo’s new exercise new accessory.
Nintendo Switch Lite clip
Main Event: Astral Chain review
Astral Chain soundtrack
Bonus Content: Nintendo Direct review
Kid Koala – “Roll Credits”

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