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Nintendo Direct Event Teased for April 2024 with Exciting Titles Leaked



Nintendo Direct Event Teased for April 2024 with Exciting Titles Leaked

In a recent and exciting development, Nintendo fans have something big to look forward to. An intriguing leak has surfaced, hinting at a significantly larger Nintendo Direct event than any of the company’s previous ones. This rumor comes from the @pc_focus__ account on the X platform. Although the authenticity of this leak is not fully confirmed, it has sparked interest due to its mention of major titles like Call of Duty and Mario, along with potential release dates for each leaked game.

A leaked image circulating online showcases a list of these anticipated titles, fueling speculation and excitement among the gaming community. According to the leak, the broadcast is scheduled for April 14th. Interestingly, the leak did not reveal any details about the rumored Nintendo Switch 2 platform. However, it’s noteworthy that Metroid Prime 4 is expected to release this year. This revelation is particularly surprising given the long period of silence surrounding the game, suggesting it won’t be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch 2 early next year.

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It’s important to approach this leak with caution, as its accuracy is still in question. Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny the validity of this information, so the existence of a Nintendo Direct event next month remains uncertain. Nevertheless, fans are eager to see whether these rumors will hold true in the coming weeks.

Nintendo enthusiasts are encouraged to share their thoughts on which exclusive or game they are most looking forward to seeing on the Switch platform this year.