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Martial Arts Experts Take on Mortal Kombat X Fight Moves



I’m shocked that it has taken me this long to find the “Expert’s React” and “Expert’s Play” YouTube series’ from the Gamology YouTube channel but I’m so glad that I finally came upon it. Gamology’s series pits experts in certain fields against their interactive counterparts. As the titles suggest, the various experts- ranging from medical professionals to parkour experts- will react to certain video games as well as actually play them. However, the martial arts experts on the channel- Gemma Nguyen and Noah Fleder– go one step further by actually re-enacting the moves from certain games.

In their most recent video, Nguyen- a world champion karate martial artist and stunt performer- and Felder- a 3rd degree black belt and stuntman- took on the moves from Mortal Kombat X.  It is amazing to see such talented martial arts experts actually recreating some of these iconic moves. I’m particularly impressed by how quickly Nguyen can flip and do the splits. Especially with the classic Johnny Cage nut shot. How is that even possible? Fleder’s kicks are also hugely impressive. It looks like he could literally decapitate someone with the power in his legs. You can tell that Nguyen and Fleder are both interested in the games that they are recreating moves from too (they have also recreated moves from Street Fighter and Tekken as well as reacted to various other fighting games and general games with fighting segments) so it is great to see dedicated professionals take these moves on when they are clearly passionate about it. I’m a fan of martial arts as I used to take taekwondo in school and so I never fail to be in awe of any martial arts artist. I just wish I could have gotten to the level where I could recreate that Johnny Cage nut shot. That would have been the dream.

Nguyen and Felder also recreated moves from the most recent Mortal Kombat game- Mortal Kombat 11– and more over on Gamology’s channel so make sure to check it out as well as other videos in their “Expert’s React” and “Expert’s Play” series.

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