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Indie Snippet: ‘Last Man Kicking’ is a Fun Little Time-Waster Serving As a Precursor to ‘Last Man Sitting’

Working 9 to 5 at a business-y office job can be a bore. Why not liven up your lunch breaks with some soccer? Indoors. On swivel chairs. With a giant soccer ball. And guns.

It’s been an interesting time recently for soccer-based craziness with the popularity of Rocket League, and what better way to jump in on that trend than by stringing together a workplace-themed event such as this. Floppy physics abound, one-man-team Pixel Pizza’s Last Man Kicking is a fun little time-waster where up to 4 players (human or AI) don their best daytime business suits, grab a firearm and ride their swivel chairs for a good ol’ game of soccer.

Last Man Kicking
“Last Man Kicking” (PixelPizza Games)

The gameplay is simple: Use the kickback recoil from your gun to, with varying accuracy, guide your sliding character across the scene, hopefully “kicking” the ball in the right direction. Gunfire can be used to knock over your opponents (or your teammate, if you’re not careful), and to stop the momentum of the ball. As far as I can tell, there isn’t much to this game than this, but that is what opens it up to possibilities, especially when playing against other human players.

Its basic controls make it an easy to grab time for any of your co-workers and colleagues, making it a perfect party game, and its slightly addictive nature, reminiscent of old flash games (side note: I just discovered that Miniclip is still around…how?), makes it the kind of game you might actually play during a lunch break. Or all through the workday. I’m not judging.

Last Man Kicking
“Last Man Kicking” (PixelPizza Games)

But, Last Man Kicking is actually part of a bigger package, as it serves as a stand-alone tie-in game-mode for Pixel Pizza’s ambitious venture: Last Man Sitting – a deathmatch-esque free for all third-person shooter that also incorporates office-time mayhem, with all the same gameplay elements present in Last Man Kicking.

For the slightly uninitiated, if Last Man Sitting looks a bit familiar, it’s that game you might have seen on reddit that received 100k+ upvotes in the r/gaming sub-reddit; and rightly so, since the game, similar to Last Man Kicking, looks like silly, addictive fun. If anything, Kicking is a perfect demonstration of the possibilities of what can happen with Last Man Sitting, and if that was indeed the purpose of this release, then I’d call it a job well done.

Last Man Kicking
“Last Man Kicking” (PixelPizza Games)

Last Man Kicking can be currently purchased for $1.99 over at, and you can catch up on the development of Last Man Sitting at Twitter and on Steam.

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