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Best Rocket League Players [UPDATED LIST 2023]



Rocket League is a very exciting game with a unique concept, where cars play soccer (Yes, you heard that right!), and there are players around the world who are truly admirable. In the vast universe of esports, these players have become legends. They possess unimaginable skills and a strong competitive spirit. Let’s delve into the journey of these exceptional players who have redefined what it means to be the best in Rocket League.

Who are the best Rocket League players in 2023?

Rocket League has become one of the biggest esports since its release in 2015, boasting many talented players worldwide. Therefore, “The top 10 best Rocket League players” list can quickly change, as no team has won in the top three more than once. To determine who stands as the top-notch player in this field, we will consider factors such as earnings, recent tournament performance, and 2023 and late 2022 achievements. Based on this extensive data, we will compile a comprehensive list for you to explore the world of top-class Rocket League players. So, without further delay, let’s begin our countdown!

10. ATOW:

The young and energetic talent known as Tristan “Atow” Soyez recently turned 15 in February last year. While relatively new to the arena with only two splits under his belt, he has already helped Team Liquid qualify for Rocket League Major Tournaments twice. His reputation is built on his lightning-fast and dynamic skillset, enabling him to outmaneuver opponents, including the game’s best defenders.

His skills were showcased in the RLCS 22-23 Fall Invitational, where his team clinched the regional competition and secured an unexpected spot in the Fall Major.


According to fans, Daniel “Daniel” Piecenski is a top-class player, despite not winning any big tournaments yet. He began his career in 2022 with Spacestation Gaming and quickly qualified for the Grand Final in his very first event, although he lost to NRG. However, his unique gaming skills and hard work have earned him recognition from gaming fans worldwide.

Daniel consistently delivers impressive performances in online matches and tournaments, racking up over $120,000 in earnings during his first year in the RLCS. He has the potential to become a significant success in the future.

8. NOLY:

Joseph, renowned as “noly,” has had his share of ups and downs in his gaming career but now finds himself leading a new team to success. After being dropped from his previous teams twice, he ventured to America with ApparentlyJack to explore something new and innovative. The alliance they formed with Chronic surprised fans worldwide.

Currently, Noly and the outstanding Gen.G team have reached the grand finals of every tournament, winning three of them, with the highlight being the international Fall Major victory. Noly is known for his teamwork, exceptional passing skills, and unselfish attitude, contributing significantly to the team’s success. His unforgettable pass in the Grand Final against Moist Esports secured their victory in the Fall Major.

7. M0NKEY_M00N:

Even though Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez’s team may not be performing well, he deserves a spot on the top 10 list of the best Rocket League players as an individual player. Fans of M0nkey M00n know about the achievements of Team BDS, which nearly won numerous tournaments, including the World Championship, with M0nkey M00n as the star player.

Renowned for his fast and intelligent gameplay, M0nkey M00n scores numerous goals and aids his team effectively. He has earned a substantial sum through gaming, particularly in the early days of competitive gaming. His list of victories includes eight regional events, all three RLCSX Majors, second place in the RLCSX Championship, and titles like the RLCS 21-22 Fall Major Champion and RLCS 21-22 World Champion, solidifying his status as one of the top Rocket League players in the world.

6. Alpha54:

Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois has become a crucial member of the renowned Team Vitality. Their victory in the 2023 RLCS World Championship, where “Alpha54” played a significant role, was preceded by a triumph in the RLCS 2022-23 Spring Split Major earlier in the season. This marks the beginning of his journey to success since joining Team Vitality in 2020.

5. Kaydop:

Rocket League is a game that demands efficient teamwork, and Alexandre “Kaydop” Courant is considered one of the best players globally for his remarkable skills and exceptional teamwork. With a gaming career that began in 2015 and experience in over 15 different esports teams, he is highly regarded by European fans.

Kaydop’s notable achievements include winning the World Championship three times, starting with Season 4, and multiple second-place finishes. He currently plays for Team Solary, and his journey is filled with memorable moments, with expectations of more to come.

4. GarrettG:

Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon is a legendary Rocket League player whose gaming career started in 2015. He has won critical tournaments with NRG since 2017 and even became a World Champion. While his performance dipped slightly in 2022-23, he deserves a spot in the top 4 Rocket League players due to his extraordinary skill.


Jason “Firstkiller” Corral is one of the best players in the world of esports, known for his consistent excellence. Despite winning six regional events, his team often finishes fourth in major tournaments, earning him the nickname “Fourthkiller.” Nevertheless, consistently placing in the top 4 out of six big tournaments is a remarkable achievement, especially with different teams, a feat not many players can claim.

2. RISE:

Finlay “Rise” Ferguson quickly rose to prominence in early 2022 in the competitive esports world. He helped his team secure victories in three regional events, achieved second place in a major winter tournament, and triumphed in the iconic spring major held in London. Rise is known for his clutch performances, turning seemingly lost matches into victories with incredible gameplay under pressure.

In recent matches, such as the RLCS 22-23 season, Rise’s performance has been consistently strong. His unexpected second-place finish at the Fall Major, where he gained revenge against his former teammate, Vatira, showcased his prowess. Now a valuable part of the Oxygen Esports team, Rise aims to become the number one player in the world of esports.


Finally, we reach our number one spot, occupied by none other than Vatira, the standout player of Moist Esports during the RLCS 21-22 season. This 16-year-old French player is renowned for his exceptional defensive skills, often considered the best defender in the world of esports. However, what truly sets him apart is his incredible offensive gameplay. His unique abilities make him the number one player, not just his defensive skills.

Wrapping Up:

The universe of Rocket League is vast, and in 2023 and beyond, it will continue to witness the rise of incredible talent and skill among its players. The top-class players mentioned in this updated list have proven their dedication, teamwork, and unique gameplay, solidifying their status as some of the best in esports.

As the Rocket League community grows, these players will continue to inspire and set new standards of excellence in the competitive scene. So, keep a keen eye on their performances, as they showcase the true spirit of what it means to be among the best Rocket League players in the world.