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E3 2016 Show floor: Gaijin Entertainment Showcases ‘Crossout’ & ‘War Thunder’ VR



Gaijin Entertainment has stayed a major player in the indie scene with their devotion to the MMO genre with various games such as Star Conflict and Crazy Killer. The Russian video game company is no stranger to bringing their best to E3 and 2016 is no different. I had a chance to sit down with Gaijin Entertainment and test out War Thunder VR as well as their upcoming PC game Crossout.

War Thunder was released back in 2012 and let MMO fans take to the skies and terrain in World War II-era planes and tanks. With the current boom of VR, Gaijin felt War Thunder would be a perfect candidate to take their brand into the realm of virtual reality.

In the demo, Gaijin had us take to the skies in a free-for-all dogfight and after taking off, the skies were ours for the taking. With VR, players are able to easily look at their surroundings giving a greater opportunity to spot threats and eliminate them right away. In short, VR made War Thunder feel like a true air fighting experience.

Running on a high-end PC, the game ran with very few hiccups although the developers warn (as with any VR experience), lower-end PCs could cause dropped frame rates which could greatly hinder the overall experience (and cause motion sickness). But if you have a decent PC and a steady stomach go ahead and start shooting down some German fighters.

War Thunder VR is out now and free-to-play on PC & Mac through Steam as well as PS4 using the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.


The other game Gaijin had in store for us is their upcoming MMO Crossout. Developed by Targem Games, this ambitious game pits players against each other in custom-made death mobiles to battle it out in various arenas.

The main highlight of Crossout is its customization. Players can build their vehicles anyway they want, and as deadly as they want — be it a quick moving rapid-fire car that can fly through the battlefield with ease or a staggering behemoth with impenetrable defenses; it’s all up to the player. Players should be wary that spot damage on vehicles is something that can be done so they should take extra care as to protect vital parts such as tires.

There are several arenas in which to battle which all come with their own environmental hazards. One area, for example, creates a huge sand storm that forces players to the center of the arena; a perfect deterrent to campers. Gaijin stated that the number of arenas continues to grow as development rages on.


The game also carries a monetary system. Players can sell and buy accessories to make their vehicles either more deadly or fancy. The in-game currency can be obtained through micro transactions or through a marketplace which is community controlled. Players set their prices and others can buy as they see fit. Put a hefty price on a rare item or place cheaper price tags on common accessories for a quick buck. Crossout is an interesting metagame that players will no doubt enjoy, even when they are being torn apart on the battlefield.

Gaijin Entertainment certainly showed off some ambitious games at E3. While War Thunder VR gives the original game a new way to play, Crossout looks to be an addictive community-based game which should be giving MMO fans a ton to talk when it releases.


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