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Riot Games Resets MMO Development for a Bold New Vision



Riot Games Resets MMO Development for a Bold New Vision

Riot Games, the renowned developer behind the popular games Valorant and League of Legends, has taken a significant step with its long-anticipated MMO project by deciding to reset its development process. Marc Merrill, co-founder of Riot Games, made this announcement, highlighting a shift towards a new vision for the game. Initially revealed in December 2020, the project was set in the universe of Runeterra. It had Greg Street, a former World of Warcraft system designer, at its helm before he left to start his studio, Fantastic Pixel Castle, in 2023.

Since its initial reveal, details about the MMO have been scarce, but Merrill’s recent update suggests a lengthy wait ahead as the team embarks on this new direction. The decision to reboot the project stems from the realization that the original concept closely mirrored existing MMOs. Riot aims to avoid merely overlaying a Runeterra-themed veneer on a familiar MMO experience. Instead, they are pursuing a “significant evolution” in the genre, seeking to innovate rather than replicate.

Taking over as the new project lead is Fabrice Condominas, who joined Riot in 2021. Condominas brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles, including work on Star Wars Squadrons at EA Motive and production contributions to Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda at Bioware.

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Riot Games requests patience from fans eagerly awaiting the MMO, as this new phase of development means a period of silence with no public updates or showcases. Alongside this MMO, Riot continues to develop a fighting game titled 2XKO, slated for release in 2025 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The commitment to revamping the MMO underscores Riot’s dedication to delivering an innovative and distinctive gaming experience, even if it means a longer wait for fans.

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