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‘Animal Crossing’ Fans Are Creating Incredible Horror Content



With Animal Crossing: New Horizons experiencing extreme levels of popularity at the moment, fan-made content is at a high. With the adorably cute and cuddly animal characters, why wouldn’t you want to spend your time in this perfectly pastel-colored paradise? Well, there is one fan who has created a movie trailer of sorts that might make you reconsider your stay.

A YouTuber who goes by the name of Evil Imp has crafted a trailer utilizing in-game characters, settings and customizable features to put together a genuinely creepy yet appealing looking Animal Crossing horror movie. The trailer is excellently edited and perfectly spoofs various horror tropes such as the escaped murderer on the loose, the unsolved mystery, and the main character aimlessly wandering alone on a dark night. The characters used in the spoof work really well too. The female villager takes on the role of the leading lady in a perfectly generic fashion whilst Sherb plays terrified rather well for a blue goat. The best part of the trailer is Pietro the weird rainbow sheep, cast as a creepy clown-like character. His twitches and constant blinks are genuinely unsettling.

There are some awesomely spooky homages to various horror films too, such as IT, Halloween, and even a bit of Midsommar thrown in. The characters Animalese language also seems to heighten the creepiness of the overall tone, especially the disturbing high pitched Animalese screams at the end. Evil Imp even went to the trouble of creating a small behind the scenes film of the characters shooting their movie.

This trailer has no right to be as good as it is. Evil Imp’s attention to detail, great editing, and ability to transform a family-friendly island of furry animals into a freaky horror fest makes for a trailer that I couldn’t help but wish was an actual movie.

For more frightening Animal Crossing fan-made content, be sure to also check out this amazing short film below called 6th Station by Youtuber No One. More creepy animal critter goodness is ensured.

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