‘Animal Crossing’ Fan Recreates a Classic Legend of Zelda Moment

by Antonia Haynes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is taking the internet by storm at the moment due to the huge dedicated fan base and their vast array of inventive creations. The game allows for a huge amount of customization, from the outfits that your character can wear to the textures of your house walls.

One of the aspects of customization that can be unlocked in the game is terraforming so that you can change the shape of your island’s land. A Twitter user who goes by the name of penpen has utilized this feature- along with a keen eye for garden features- to recreate the courtyard of the castle from the renowned Legend of Zelda game Ocarina of Time.

Penpen’s creation is near perfect, laid out exactly as in Ocarina of Time. It is also painfully adorable, as a villager dressed as Zelda makes an appearance at the end to greet the Link villager. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is inspiring people and engaging their creativity in awesome ways and penpen’s homage to one of Nintendo’s best and most well-known franchises is a great example of that.

Check out penpen’s Twitter account here and for more on Animal Crossing, have a read of some of our other articles.

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