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You Gotta Grow Fast With the Sonic the Hedgehog Chia Pet

Grow your very own Sonic with this new crossover from Chia Pets!



The world of Sonic has just become a little more green, as the official Chia website — home of the Chia Pet line of home-grown plants that mimic all kinds of fun characters and real-life celebrities — announces a crossover with Sonic the Hedgehog. Currently listed as “coming soon”, the Sonic the Hedgehog Chia Pet is described as “the perfect and affordable gift for any budget” and comes with three sets of seeds to bring this iconic video game hedgehog to life.

Modelled after the classic version of Sonic the Hedgehog, this Chia Pet comes with everything necessary to give Sonic his very own green hill zone. According to the official website, the plant grows in only 1-2 weeks and finishes with a luscious green coat, perfectly mimicking the character’s spiky head in a way that looks equally hilarious and accurate to Sonic’s shape. The front of the design is adorned with a hand-painted visage of the iconic character that brings a lot of personality and authenticity to the final product.

Chia Pet featuring Sonic the Hedgehog, box art includes image of the finished product and planting instructions.
Image: Joseph Enterprises

It appears that Sonic is among the first video game characters to be represented in Chia Pet form, as the brand’s website focuses largely on Star Wars and other fictional characters from pop culture. Could we see more video game themed Chia Pets in the future? If Sonic’s foray into home-grown gardening goes down well with fans then perhaps that will be exactly the case, with some obvious future candidates being Mario, Link, and many more besides.

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