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When are the Next Major Consoles Due to be Released?



New Console Releases

There are a lot of rumours swirling about new consoles to be released. What are the details? We’re looking at some of the most high profile consoles to come out in the future.

Nintendo Switch

Being barely a baby itself, it was a surprise to gamers to hear that a new Nintendo Switch is due to come out in 2024, merely seven years after its launch in 2017. However, that might just be a matter of comparison against other video console brands that have been around since the 90’s. After all, the PS5 came out 7 years after the PS4.

The details remain slim, but it is expected that the new Switch model will have upgraded internals and a faster, more powerful processor compared to the current model. This would enable improved graphics, higher resolutions, and better performance in games.

PS5 Slim

Meanwhile, Sony is rolling out the release of its PS5 slim. Is it just the same thing on a diet? Well, no. The newer model will likely have the same specs but with improved cooling for maintaining a better performance, and, most importantly, a lower price point.

Xbox X 2024

Details on the new Xbox X are still hazy with no confirmed reports, but it’s rumoured to feature a more powerful CPU and GPU, enhanced storage, and a new chip manufacturing process for better power efficiency for playing games or accessing the games at a casino online.

Xbox Next?

According to IGN, Microsoft, fresh off the launch of their latest generation model in 2020, are looking to the future. They claim to have seen court documents that say the IT giant is looking to release a new set of next generation consoles in 2028. IGN points out that this is likely since Sony appears to be eyeing the same date, saying they don’t predict a next gen PlayStation console until after 2027.

The rumour, not backed by court documents, is that this Microsoft console will be named Xbox Next. Plus, these court documents hinted that Microsoft are looking to close a lot of deals by the time the Xbox Next is out, including deals with rival video game companies to acquire famed IPs.

Of course, it’s far too early down the line to know what Microsoft will do with the Xbox Next and the deals they intend to close by then. For now, we’ll just have to hope, but rumours speculate there will be bleeding edge components that include a new high end AMD processor for better graphics, cloud integration and continued backwards compatibility.


As mentioned, Sony was clearly asked what they would retaliate against the Xbox Next in the console wars. The obvious answer was the PS6, but when would that be? What will it feature? And will it be truly backwards compatible as much as Xbox currently is, finally?

Well, as to the date, we only have a vague idea of “at least” 2027. We can bet to compete with the Xbox Next it will be released in 2028, however. The more interesting question is of what form it will take. People have been talking for a while about how the console, since the disc-reader is being phased out from it, doesn’t really need to be in the form it is. Some gamer theorists have been asking for something more akin to a USB-stick. However, to improve the processing power of the console, which Sony is definitely going to have to do to justify a new model at all, the hardware might have to stay as bulky as it is currently.


Gamers will not have a problem finding somewhere to put their money, but where to put it will be the question as the console wars rage on. On top of gaming consoles, we can expect a lot of new equipment as Virtual Reality makes its mark on the market and headsets become more mainstream. The Oculus might be the first, but it won’t be the last or the best.

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