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Another Xbox Exclusive Soon to Hit PS5



The Last Case of Benedict Fox: Definitive Edition is coming to PS5 real soon.

A new Xbox console exclusive will make its way to PS5 shortly. The game, previously an Xbox exclusive, is set to release on the PlayStation platform “soon,” as shared by its developers. Last month, Xbox revealed that four of its games would be coming to PS5, with one already available and the others expected between March and April. This upcoming release is not among those four titles, making its move to PS5 a significant event.

Developed by the independent studio Plot Twist, the game in question debuted on April 27, 2023, as an Xbox console exclusive and was also available on PC. It was featured as a launch title for Xbox Game Pass, emphasizing its initial exclusive ties to the Xbox. However, its exclusivity is about to end, with plans to launch on PS5 announced.

The game, The Last Case of Benedict Fox: Definitive Edition, is poised to bring Lovecraftian horror to PlayStation 5 users. Despite its mixed reception, with scores ranging from 58 to 69 on Metacritic and a “Mostly Positive” rating on Steam, the intrigue surrounding its narrative and gameplay remains.

Players will dive into a world of dark secrets and mysteries as Benedict Fox, a detective linked to a demonic companion. This partnership allows them to explore the memories of the deceased to solve the puzzle of a grim murder and a child’s disappearance in a vast, decaying mansion. The game promises an engaging experience filled with forbidden rituals, secret societies, and heinous crimes, all presented in a visually striking Burton-esque art style.

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For those interested in exploring this unique Metroidvania adventure on PS5, the game offers 11 to 15 hours of gameplay, with completionists likely needing additional time.