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Rumor: Sony Shares PS5 Pro Specs with Publishers



Sony Shares PS5 Pro Specs with Publishers

Sony has started to share details about the PS5 Pro with more publishers, signaling a possible reveal soon. This news comes from a reliable source in the gaming industry, who mentioned that a “midsize third-party publisher” recently got a look at the new console’s specs.

The information was shared by Colin Moriarty, a well-known figure in the PlayStation community and host of the Sacred Symbols podcast. During a recent episode, Moriarty revealed that his sources confirmed the distribution of PS5 Pro specifications to various developers, including first-party and second-party teams. However, Moriarty did not discuss the availability of development kits for the console.

This development follows previous reports by another insider, Tom Henderson, who in December 2022, stated that development kits for the PS5 Pro had started reaching publishers, likely focusing on major third-party collaborators.

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Analysts are now predicting that the PS5 Pro will hit the market later in 2024. This timeline aligns with the anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto 6, suggesting Sony is aiming for a significant launch period for its upgraded console.

Moriarty’s insights were highlighted in a segment of his YouTube show, specifically around the 54:30 mark, drawing attention to a CNBC report that also supports the 2024 launch window for the PS5 Pro.

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As the gaming community awaits further announcements, the sharing of PS5 Pro specs with publishers marks an exciting step towards the next generation of console gaming, promising enhanced experiences for players around the globe.