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Leak Suggests Minecraft’s Native Version Coming Soon to PS5



Leak Suggests Minecraft's Native Version Coming Soon to PS5

Minecraft, the game that has captivated millions, is rumored to soon make a leap to the PlayStation 5 with a native version. Currently, the PS5 runs Minecraft through backward compatibility with the PS4 version. However, new findings suggest this might change. According to the PlayStation Network database, Mojang’s iconic game may soon harness the PS5’s advanced capabilities.

This potential move follows the trend of Xbox games making their way to PlayStation, indicating that Microsoft, Minecraft’s parent company, has the necessary PS5 development kits. With these tools, Mojang could create a version of Minecraft that fully utilizes the technical features of the PS5.

The rumor sparked when a user on the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit shared PlayStation Network IDs linked to Minecraft, alongside the game’s icon in the PS Store. Though neither Microsoft nor Mojang has confirmed these plans, the evidence suggests that an optimized PS5 version of Minecraft could be on the horizon.

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Minecraft’s journey has been remarkable, from its simple beginnings to becoming a multi-platform giant. The game has sold over 300 million copies worldwide, proving its enduring popularity. As fans eagerly await official news, the possibility of a PS5 version opens up exciting new opportunities for Minecraft’s expansive universe.