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How to save money on video games with gift cards and subscriptions?




Let’s face it, as much as 2023 was amazing for game releases with Baldur’s Gate 3, Tears of the Kingdom, or Spider-Man 2, there were also plenty of broken games that made you question whether you should still give gaming a chance. 

Aren’t you tired of the current gaming industry, where big companies release unfinished games with an attitude of “release now, fix later”, while also increasing video game prices? Well, so are we, that’s why we’re giving you some tips on how to save money on console gaming! Tip number one is to shop at digital marketplaces like Eneba, where you’ll find the best deals on all video games and other gaming-related content. Keep reading for even more tips!

Pro-tip number 2: cheaper PlayStation gift cards

Hey, do you think Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III was worth that price tag? If your answer is no, but you still want to dive into the latest CoD on your shiny new PS5, PlayStation gift cards might be the answer. The aforementioned digital marketplaces often offer fantastic deals on cheaper PSN cards, making them a great choice for saving on brand-new and older releases. Here’s how:

  1. It’s cheaper to pay with gift cards

The truth is simple and we won’t dwell on it. If you pay less for PSN gift cards – you pay less for the full-priced games. That’s all there is to it.

  1. Take advantage of sales and discounts

One of the easiest ways to save money with PlayStation gift cards is to take advantage of sales and discounts. PlayStation frequently offers awesome deals on games and downloadable content, and by using a PlayStation gift card to make your purchase, you can maximize your savings. 

Pro-tip number 3 – PS Plus Extra

After Microsoft introduced the world to Game Pass, Sony had to think their business model over. Sure, they had PS Now, but it was nowhere near what Game Pass was offering. Until they introduced the 3-tier PS Plus, giving PlayStation owners their own massive library of games.

  1. Play as many games as you like

Dive right into the massive library of games for just a single monthly fee. Play critically acclaimed and fan-favorite AAA games and discover indie gems. It’s never been easier to save on video games than having a PS Plus subscription. It’s like a Swedish all-you-can-play buffet!

  1. Ubisoft+

In addition to its already massive library of top-notch PS4 and PS5 titles, Sony shook hands with Ubisoft bringing even more games to their subscribers. From the latest Assassin’s Creeds to classic Ubi titles – there are more games than you could play in your lifetime. With no extra cost, why not take advantage of it?

  1. Go Premium

Modern games are not your fancy and you’d rather stick to old, but gold? Well, with PS Plus Premium, you can! Sure, it’s a little more expensive than PS Plus or PS Plus Extra, but in addition to PS1, PS2, and PS3 classics, you also get all the benefits of lower PS Plus tiers, which include all the games of Extra and Ubisoft+, as well as free monthly titles and huge discounts on the PSN Store. Honestly, this is the best money-saving tip for any gamer!

If you are a gamer, who wants to save money and play as many games as you like, then take advantage of PlayStation gift cards. They offer excellent ways to budget your gaming expenses while allowing you to try out new games and pay less with exclusive, subscriber-only discounts. And with offerings of digital marketplaces, it’s easier than beating Elden Ring.

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