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What’s The Deal With Beedle?



Beedle has become a hero of sorts. He turns a bad situation into an opportunity, banishing away the adversity to pursue his own happiness in rather unfavorable conditions. Dreams are made in the darkest of places, the Hyrule morning burning away the thoughts of the night. But the extraordinary trait about Beedle is his resistance to succumbing to the depths of despair, resulting in the conciliatory salesman we have today.

Much of Beedle’s success comes from his ability to appease a wide variety of people. In The Wind Waker, he was notably selling bombs after the pirates had stolen them from the Cannon. Whether it’s courage or credulousness isn’t widely known. However, his aptitude to secure an assortment of resources is an astonishing feat, particularly in the despondency of the situation.

This versatility has often shown itself with a diversity of different methods to meet his dreams. In The Wind Waker, he notably traveled from island to island by boat, transgressing an ocean laid with sharks and traps. In Skyward Sword, he met his favorite customer by his very own airship, flown by his own exertion. He even revealed a slight frustration; when Link failed to buy anything, he would promptly drop him from a trap door for causing the extra physical strain.

Beedle in Skyward Sword, after Link doesn’t buy anything.

For now, Beedle can be seen wandering from stable to stable in Breath of the Wild. He remains to shock us all, emptying our pockets of rupees under the skies of Calamity Ganon. Even in these dire times, he bravely travels the dangers of Hyrule, a land littered with Moblins and Ancients, to provide us with his ever-changing products. This time, he travels by foot, with the weight of a giant backpack to impel his desires forward.

His motives are yet to be known. That mysterious dream that motivates the man to risk his life to find items to sell has been kept a secret. He remains a savvy businessman, adapting to the situation provided and maximizing his rupee profitability. Every time he’s seen wandering into a stable, an incredible risk has been made to get there, an adventure built from the instability that the player knows all too well. The dream of riches seems likely, although Beedle has always had a sense of modesty about him.

In Breath of the Wild, Beedle sells arrows and materials, claiming to carry “many special bugs” that can be used to cook potions. He also offers to buy from Link, offering a particularly high price for gemstones. Beedle appears to be fond of the Energetic Rhino Beetle and will offer to trade one of his wares for the insect.

Beedle’s shop in The Wind Waker.

This love for beetles is how Beedle got his name. You’ll even notice his backpack in Breath of the Wild is in the shape of a beetle. His love for bugs is one of the very few things we’ve come to know about Beedle, and it’s possible it’s one of the major influences on his adventures. From The Wind Waker, we know he had a dream to set up a major trading outpost, delivering rare items from around the world. Maybe his dream is much more narrow than that, maybe his dream is focused on finding bugs and trading is one way of pursuing that dream.

Whatever his motive, Beedle has become an iconic character in the Zelda franchise, one of which brings nostalgia, reminding you of the first time you saw his boat drift around an island in The Wind Waker. If the answers to Beedle are in Breath of the Wild, then so far the secret has been hidden particularly well. Let’s hope one day we will know the deal with Beedle.

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