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The Witcher 3’s REDkit Modding Tool Released with New Patch



The Witcher 3's REDkit Modding Tool Released with New Patch

CD Projekt Red has introduced the REDkit modding tool for The Witcher 3, coinciding with the game’s 9th anniversary. This tool empowers players to create new quests, characters, outfits, and locations, providing a robust platform for the modding community.

The official mod support is a significant upgrade from previous unofficial tools, aiming to be more user-friendly. This enhancement is expected to result in a greater quantity and quality of mods, ensuring that The Witcher 3 remains dynamic and engaging.

The REDkit, announced last November, gives players access to the same features used by the developers. This means fans can create unique experiences within the game, much like how Skyrim has evolved with its modding community.

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The launch of REDkit is accompanied by a new patch, further enhancing the game. This patch supports DLC-sized mods, allowing for even more substantial additions to the game. The REDkit is currently in beta, so some bugs are expected. However, CD Projekt Red is committed to supporting and updating the tool, ensuring continuous improvements.

With these new tools, players can anticipate fresh content and adventures, making The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a continually evolving experience. The ability to overhaul terrains and environments will push the game’s visual boundaries, keeping it at the forefront of open-world gaming.