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The Nintendo Switch OLED Announcement Has Become Something of a Joke



Yesterday, Nintendo announced their upcoming new model of the Nintendo Switch: the Nintendo Switch OLED. Whilst the OLED will have an updated screen- now a seven inch OLED screen rather than the classic 6.2 inch LCD screen-it has a lot of features missing that fans had desperately hoped for in the new model. Of course, this isn’t technically a fault on Nintendo’s behalf as they made no promises on features such as upgraded power or additional hardware. I think we just need to learn to lower our expectations because otherwise life is just going to keep breaking our fragile hearts over and over again. If that’s all a little too depressing for you (it certainly is for me), let’s take a look at some of the funniest reactions to the OLED’s announcement from gamers.

A lot of people have been making comparisons between the Switch OLED and the PlayStation Vita since Nintendo’s announcement. You know, that ten year old handheld PlayStation console? As in not something that you would expect to be released in 2021 for almost $350? Twitter user @TigerCA123 makes the comparison and honestly, the Vita is definitely coming out on top here. Gravity Rush is the deal breaker for me I think. Save your money. Go play the Vita.

Jon Cartwright from the NintendoLife website also makes an apt comparison with this “review copy” of the OLED. Spoiler alert: it’s not actually a review copy. You’ve been had. It is actually a Vita in a Switch docking station. Beautiful. Shout out to my fellow writer @charles-ponthier for pointing out this gem so I could include it in the article.

Crash Cortez actually demonstrates a custom made PS Vita Dock here, commenting that the Vita was “before the times”. Ten years too late Nintendo.

I never thought about it before but a toothpick- or toofpick, whatever- really does make all the difference. Is this the image that Nintendo were referencing during the development of the OLED? Quite possibly. Thanks to @MorsGames on Twitter for this lovely comparison.

Yeah, this is about right @dcwastaken.

This is the exact meme that I thought of when I saw the OLED. Sorry Nintendo @Powergannon.

This one made me chuckle. Spot on work from @weirdfetishart.

This one too courtesy of @RealYouTubeKids. Why you gotta do us like this Nintendo?

The answer to this question in a post from @PancakeCrusader is no. No, we will not.

I really hope this isn’t the actual method that Nintendo uses when brainstorming ideas. Nothing would surprise me at this point though. This tweet comes courtesy of @ayejayo.

This clip from the Nickelodeon show Victorious– tweeted out by @ActualAero– perfectly defines the arguments that will be occurring between classic Nintendo Switch users and OLED Switch users. I am in the former category. Not that I could afford an OLED even if I wanted one.

@DynamoSuperX hits the nail on the head. Yep. That’s it. That is literally it.

The sarcasm from Squidward here hits home real hard. Thanks to this perfect meme from @Trickster___

This tweet from @Compenderizer isn’t really about the console itself but I had to share as it is yet another example of the odd marketing choices that Nintendo make in their marketing. Why??? This is not normal human behaviour.

Now let’s have a look at a few text only posts that I felt were the most fitting for this whole OLED Switch situation.

@TAHK0 speaks only the truth. As someone who often struggles for money (who doesn’t in this day and age though?), I am honestly baffled by Nintendo’s decision to create a product that does very little differently from the original. How can you justify this and genuinely expect us to pay this kind of money? Of course, there will be those who will buy it anyway because of course we will. If I was rich, I can’t even say that I wouldn’t get it against my better judgement. But can’t we at least get a product with noticeable differences and hardware improvements? No? Okay, I’ll just show myself out.

This tweet from @GameApologist is so true. Nintendo really do feel like that kind of parent and the OLED Switch just cements this idea.

Wait is this actually what OLED stands for?? *googling intensifies*…wow that really is a bad name for a console. @PeanutButterGmr is out here educating us.

Yes @subtoconnorpls that is exactly what happened.

This is exactly what I was talking about in the introduction! @PixelDan puts it way more eloquently though.

Whether you’re hyped for the Nintendo Switch OLED or just a little bit disillusioned by the whole affair, one thing is for certain: Nintendo will keep thinking of ways to bleed us dry and we will happily oblige them.

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