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The best and most trusted sources for getting a lot of money in GTA online



GTA Online

GTA online, despite its almost 10-year history, continues to hold the interest of players online, and the company has been replayed hundreds and thousands of times in the gaming community.

Single player will be an excellent background for a future online game, because it repeats and complements all the features of the storyline – the system of robberies, opening and developing a business, racing and assault, and many other mechanics that will be interesting to do with friends online.

The role of money in GTA online

The social format of the project from Rockstar greatly depends on your finances – you need to regularly buy weapons and ammunition, invest in real estate for robberies and warehouses to accumulate funds through the resale of cars and cargo.

You can always buy GTA 5 money for a simplified start and skip most of the monotonous actions.

First stages

When you first get to the Rockstar servers you will be asked to create your character and this will be done in an interesting way.

You will be asked to choose two characters, from whose appearance the image of the hero will be formed according to the principle of DNA mixing.

When you find yourself online, you will quickly understand that the money you have is not valuable or an opportunity for purchase, and you still have to learn how to earn new ones.

In the first couple of days, your initial level will allow you to take on tasks of races, clearings, defense of points in order to accumulate an overall level and receive new tasks and reach the heist format.

You can always skip this stage by purchasing GTA 5 boosting.


The sooner you get to the heist format, the better – this is the most profitable way to get in-game money.

Remember that for activation, you need to buy special real estate and increase your level, including through GTA V boosting.

Your first robbery will be simple, but it will already show all the intricacies of the game and hint that you need friends for successful operations in the future.

For example, to start, you need only one partner who will help you go through the preparation stages and the robbery itself. In the future, you can use the GTA boosting service, but it is better to go through the first raid yourself.

You need to complete the following tasks:

  • Explore the territory of the provincial bank.
  • Practice hacking a security system.
  • Steal an armored car for theft.
  • Carry out a raid in which one player will hold hostages at gunpoint, and the second will drill into a safe with cells.
  • Leave the area and get the police off your tail.

This is practically the only time when the system will allow you to complete a robbery together, and not four, and in the future you will have to look for partners.

GTA has a very unpleasant session system in which you can simply quit the game without penalties or consequences, which is what players do, resetting all progress to the checkpoint.

You can, of course, order the GTA 5 account boost format, but it’s better to immediately look for a team, because robberies are a profitable format that starts from 100 thousand dollars, which are divided among all participants.

The most profitable robbery will be an attack on the casino, but for the preparatory stage you need to buy a penthouse and complete most of the preparatory tasks.

This is the most difficult and profitable business in the game, for which millions are credited to your bank account. You need a good level and weapons, which GTA account boosting will help with.

Car delivery

The second most valuable format for earning money in GTA is purchasing a warehouse for storing and transporting cars.

A good and rare car can bring up to 100 thousand dollars per copy. You may want to order GTA money boosting to save up for priority real estate and your first business.

If you are not playing by yourself, then profits can be increased by accumulating collections and asking a friend to help with the distillation for a bonus percentage of the profits.

If you are constantly being disturbed by competitors who are trying to attack you and reduce the quality of your car, then there is a trick.

Take a sniper rifle and start driving to the transport transfer point. When you see red dots, stop immediately, get out of the car and kill the drivers – they will not chase you anymore and you will not risk the integrity of the car and lose money on its sale.

Is the format changing on consoles?

GTA has long been released on all popular consoles and supports modern TVs with 4K images.

You can order GTA 5 boosting PS4, but immediately keep in mind that you will not be able to play with your friend if he has a PC.

The developers from Rockstar deliberately separated different players from each other, because different devices can give bonuses, or, on the contrary, worsen the situation when playing on a gamepad or keyboard.

But you will play comfortably with each other and making money on races will become much easier, and to open more profitable ones you can order GTA 5 boosting PS5.

It’s even easier to aim in places on a gamepad, once you get used to it, thanks to the aiming assistance system and its convenience for riding a motorcycle or flying an airplane.

By the way, train your piloting, because when rescuing a prisoner you need to be able to control a flying ship well.

Rockstar did not deprive the owners of the Microsoft console, and you can quickly switch to the heist format using GTA 5 boosting Xbox.

Double reward challenges

Once a week, Rockstar gives additional rewards for random activities such as sweeps, races, and other things.

This is a good help to improve your level and earn a lot more money than you originally had. The GTA online boost format will help you reach the key level faster and focus more on dollars than experience.

Transport goods from the warehouse

When you buy a warehouse, you will have missions to fill it, and then implement it.

They will give you a fairly fast truck, but they will warn all players on the server about your plans and give them a reward if they manage to destroy you.

This format also brings in money and allows you to independently regulate which part of the warehouse to load.

Conclusions on earning in-game money in GTA Online

As in single player, the most important and highest-paying format remains robberies, which need to be prepared and implemented – by investing money in a house, weapons, vehicles.

Without allies, you will not pull off a single heist in GTA online, so it is advisable to acquire allies who will not leave your gaming sessions.