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Rockstar to Spotlight Ray Tracing in GTA VI



Rockstar to Spotlight Ray Tracing in GTA VI

Rockstar Games is gearing up to make ray tracing a key feature in the highly anticipated GTA VI. Recent job listings from the studio indicate a significant emphasis on hiring developers skilled in modern ray tracing APIs such as DXR and NVX. This move aligns with Rockstar’s prior use of the technology in the updated versions of GTA V for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, which included ray traced shadows and reflections.

The first trailer for GTA VI showcased advanced ray tracing, hinting at enhanced global illumination and reflections. This suggests a major graphical leap forward. GTA VI will combine ray traced with rasterized graphics, leveraging the latest console capabilities.

Moreover, an emphasis on ray tracing aligns with developments for the upcoming PS5 Pro, expected to support enhanced ray tracing features. This synergy between the console and game development indicates a concerted effort to push the boundaries of gaming visuals.

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Rockstar’s dedication to perfection is evident as they aim for a creative pinnacle before releasing GTA VI, tentatively scheduled between January and March 2025. The focus on advanced graphics technology not only promises to make GTA VI a visual spectacle but also sets a new standard for open-world gaming.