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Capcom Rolls Out Dragon’s Dogma 2 Updates to Tackle Dragonsplague Frequency and Pawn Issues



Capcom Rolls Out Dragon's Dogma 2 Updates to Tackle Dragonsplague Frequency and Pawn Issues

Capcom is refining Dragon’s Dogma 2 with new updates aimed at adjusting the frequency and detection of dragonsplague. This ailment has been problematic, affecting the game’s AI-controlled pawns who could disrupt gameplay by attacking essential NPCs if not treated.

The updates, expected later this month, will decrease the chances of pawns contracting dragonsplague when interacting online and enhance the visibility of infection symptoms, such as intensifying the glow of infected pawns’ eyes.

Additionally, the update includes practical fixes to improve gameplay dynamics. For instance, players will be able to zoom in on the faces of their characters and pawns in the status and shop screens to better observe signs of infection. There will also be enhancements to the mini-map, such as not displaying already collected treasure chests, and tweaks to pawns’ behavior. Pawns will now be less prone to falling off cliffs and more responsive in battles, aiding the player when commanded during enemy hold-ups.

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The update also addresses various other minor issues to enhance the overall game stability, including fixing the problem of players being unjustly jailed for battling monsters within town limits. These comprehensive updates are part of Capcom’s ongoing efforts to refine the gaming experience, ensuring both new and seasoned players can enjoy the rich, open-world adventure without undue frustration from unforeseen gameplay mechanics.