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Capcom Announces Major Updates for Dragon’s Dogma 2



Capcom Announces Major Updates for Dragon's Dogma 2

Capcom has announced updates for Dragon’s Dogma 2, focusing on improving player experience. The updates, responding to feedback, include quality-of-life improvements and performance enhancements across all platforms. Players will soon be able to start a new game on the same profile, addressing a common request. The availability of the Art of Metamorphosis items, allowing character appearance changes, will increase to 99 at Pawn Guilds. This move addresses criticisms of character editing being partially behind a paywall due to scarcity and microtransaction options.

For console versions, Capcom is introducing options to toggle motion blur and ray tracing alongside a choice between a variable frame rate and a 30fps cap. This change aims to offer a more consistent performance, countering issues with the game’s currently uncapped frame rate, which leads to inconsistent pacing that can distract players.

The updates also promise to make a quest for acquiring a dwelling, which serves as a save and rest point, available earlier in the game. Additionally, there will be text display fixes and bug corrections. On Steam, image quality with DLSS Super Resolution will improve, and a fix for low-quality model appearances under certain settings is planned.

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Despite its successful debut, becoming Capcom’s best Steam launch with over 200k concurrent users, Dragon’s Dogma 2 faced criticism for numerous microtransactions and performance issues on PC. These upcoming patches aim to refine the gaming experience, addressing the community’s main concerns.

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