Stardew Valley Is the Latest Video Game to Get the Board Game Treatment

by Antonia Haynes

I love that board games are still consistently popular, even in a world where we have online games, virtual reality and literally any kind of game or interactive experience available at our finger tips. A lot of video games actually have some pretty good board game adaptions too, such as The Witcher, Fallout, This War of Mine, Resident Evil 2 and more. Beloved indie farming game Stardew Valley is the latest to be added to the list of video game board games and it’s actually out right now.

Stardew Valley: The Board Game is described on the official website as a “cooperative game where players work together to restore the Valley”. Stardew Valley is already a pretty wholesome game- a peaceful farming simulator- and I feel like moving it to the board game platform makes it all the more so.– a site that specialises in board game reviews funnily enough- gave the game an impressive 8 out of 10. That’s only based on two reviews so far though as it has only just been released but that is certainly a good start.  Unfortunately, the board game is only available to those in the US at the moment but keep an eye on their website for updates as to if and when the game will be shipped internationally. Make sure to watch the trailer below too.

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