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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #57: ‘Ocarina of Time’ Special




The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, is without a doubt, the greatest game ever made – a game in which even the tiniest speck can have value and an experience of amazing emotional power. The game is cosmic in scope and mystic in tone; something to experience, think, and talk about for years to come. Ocarina of Time pushed the boundaries of the medium of video games in many ways, but none more important than that of storytelling. Time plays an important role throughout the game. As you proceed, time passes, and a quiet day can quickly turn into a dangerous night. Time travel also comes into play, allowing you to jump seven years into the future and back again. This week, we take a trip down memory lane and remember a time when playing Ocarina of Time was the greatest thing a kid could do. Joining us to discuss the N64 classic is Goomba Stomp editors, Mike Worby and Chris Souza. All this and so much more!


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00:00: Intro
01:00: Nintendosage: Are there too many Triple A titles?
15:00: Ocarina of Time, Robin Williams commercial
16:00: Ocarina of Time review
76:00: Koji Kondo – “Gerudo Valley Theme”

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