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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 273: Interview with Yacht Club Games on Mina the Hollower!

Burrow into a sneak peek at the next original IP from the makers of Shovel Knight!



Mina the Hollower

Running on burrowed time? This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, Cameron DaxonMarc Kaliroff, and Campbell Gill are joined by Yacht Club Games marketing manager (and friend of the show) Celia Schilling to discuss all things Mina the Hollower!

The development team behind epoch-defining Shovel Knight are back with an all-new Zelda-like adventure in Mina, and Celia is here to guide the gang through everything this upcoming Kickstarter-funded title has to offer. Touting the passion that went into every part of the game, Celia peels back the curtain on the development processes and ideas behind the release.

In between Cameron and Campbell gushing about their experience playing an early demo of the game, Celia offers an in-depth look into the creation of Mina the Hollower: how does Yacht Club balance difficulty? Will Mina be coming to Switch? How dark will the story get? And most importantly, what cool Mina merch can fans expect? Celia addresses all these questions and more in this wide-ranging interview!

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00:52 – Main event: An Interview with Celia Schilling on Mina the Hollower
40:20 – Indie Games Spotlight
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