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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #187: Five Year Amiibo Anniversary, Indie World and ‘The Touryst’



This week is a great one, as Ricky D returns to the podcast to help Tim and Patrick sort through Nintendo’s latest Indie World presentation. Was there anything that caught our eye beyond Sports Story, the sequel to a game we loved (if you don’t count the one of us who didn’t play it…), or are the multitude of indie games starting to blend in a bit with each other? To this point, Patrick reviews a voxel hack’n’slasher called Riverbond that is certainly pleasant enough, but may have a hard time standing out in a crowded eShop.

After the indie talk, the guys take a look back on five years of amiibo, and just where Nintendo might go with these collectible figures. Though functionality within games seems to be getting mostly fazed out, that hasn’t stopped collectors from wanting every single one; just ask Rick! For this segment, the guys look at how they collect, why they collect, and whether they still will collect, all while enjoying having a reason to talk about amiibo again.

Lastly, Patrick gives his first impressions of The Touryst, a laid-back, exploration-based puzzler that has a little bit of everything (platforming, mini-games, scuba diving, etc.) for those looking to try something relaxing. Though he’s not very far into it, this island-hopping adventure might well end up being one of his favorite games of the year. For all this and more, have a listen!


LFXIV – NXpress Intro
Nintendosage: Riverbond Review
amiibo commercial
Main Event: Five years of collecting amiibo
Fire Emblem: Three Houses soundtrack
Bonus Content: The Touryst Review
Fire Emblem: Three Houses soundtrack

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