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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #173: ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Special



It’s all Fire Emblem this week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, as series rookie (unless you count Heroes) Patrick invites Goomba Stomp’s anime editor and Fire Emblem expert Matthew Ponthier for an in-depth discussion of Intelligent Systems’ long-awaited Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Which houses did we choose? What are our favorite characters so far? And how does this console release stack up to the best in the franchise?

For the first segment the guys try to process the sheer breadth of things to do at Garegg Mach, as well as gush over the bevy of distinct characters and ways of interacting with them that Intelligent Systems has devised. As Patrick notes, even non-RPG players who shrink from video game stories may want to consider this one. The second segment focuses more on battles, which will no doubt feel more familiar to series veterans, but are still packed with plenty of new wrinkles. It’s a whole hour on one game, so sit back and have a listen!

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
Nintendosage: Genergal impressions of Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Fire Emblem Three House sound clip
Main Event: Review of Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Soundtrack

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